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Every Noise At Once Lets You Listen To Music From Every Genre There Is

Music is rich in genres, some that are individually unique from others like Jazz is from Pop, and others that seem to overlap at times. Regardless if we know what a genre is called or what songs belong to it, we listen to music and develop our own taste for it. Every Noise At Once is a web app that lists every single music genre out there. If you recall, we reviewed a similar web app called Map of Metal that detailed metal genres through the decades and let you listen to songs from each one. Every Noise At Once is similar in nature except it lists every single music genre ever, and lets you listen to songs from each one.

You start out with a nice cloud of music genres. It’s nice to look at but very impractical to use.

Every Noise at Once

The app has two other browsing modes which are much easier to use. One is the Scan mode that selects a genre from the genre cloud at random and begins playing music from it. You can click a different genre and play music from it if you like.

Every Noise at Once scan

The List mode is possibly the best way to explore  genres using the app; you get a long list of genres and clicking one lists tracks from it. The great thing about this mode is that you can choose to go as deep as you want. For example, Rock, has many many sub-genres so you can choose to have the app list genres on whatever level you want to explore them on. You can also filter them based on their being mainstream genres and sort them by similarity to a genre that you select from a list among other sorting criterion. There is also a ‘discovery’ criteria for sorting making the app, and its list mode a great way to find new music or genres that you would be interested in. The music the app plays are  lists from Spotify so no complaints there.

Every Noise at Once list



Lastly, if all else fails and you find nothing to your liking, you can use the search bar and enter the name of your favorite artist. The app will then find and list the genre that artist is more popularly associated with as well as similar genres so you can discover music. It’s actually this feature that I feel makes the app truly amazing because it can help you find music from lesser known artists and really discover obscure genres.

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