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Juicing Assistant: Pick Ingredients & Get Recipes With Calorie Info

Summer is long gone and it has even snowed in parts of Canada recently so juices for the sake of a refreshing drink are no longer in order. If you drink juices to supplement a diet regime, then Juicing Assistant is a web app you will appreciate or at the very least, bookmark for next Summer. It lets you pick the type of juice you want to make from three different  functions; Vitamin, Energy, and Antioxidant. The app then lists ingredients, fruits and vegetables, that fit your selection and you can pick which ones you want to use in your juice. The app tells you how much to use of each in your juice i.e. the recipe along with nutritional information.

I’m going to start by saying that the interface is incredibly fun and I love those fruit and vegetable renderings that feature through out the app. Click start.

juicing agent


Select what kind of juice you want to make. There is no ‘I’m really hungry’ option but the Juicing Assistant covers Vitamin, Energy, and Antioxidant needs. The app will suggest which ingredients are best suited to your purpose. Hover your mouse over an ingredient to learn more about what benefits it has. If you like an ingredient and it’s available in your kitchen, drag and drop it on to one of the slots. Once you’ve added all the ingredients you want to, click the ‘Click to Juice’ button at the end. Don’t worry about the bottom of the page shaking, that’s just the juicer working.

Juicing Assistant ingredients


You get one recipe that includes all the ingredients you picked  to the exclusion of others. The total calories, sugar, and carbs in your drink are also listed and you can share this recipe on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Scroll down and you will see other recipes that meet you earlier selection of the type of juice you want to make. The recipes will most likely contain at least one of the ingredients you picked out earlier but will include others that you didn’t. Nutritional information for these recipes will also be available.

Juicing Assistant reipe


I have only good things to say about the interface and everything is working perfectly so no complaints. As far as features are concerned, I would love it if there were something like this for smoothies as well as a tool that allowed users to add some other taste boosters to the drink and see what nutritional value they got from it.

Visit Juicing Assistant

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