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Add Shortcuts In My Computer Context Menu

Some of the options in the Control Panel are used on a regular basis. However, especially with the changes since Vista and Windows 7, they can be deeply nested into the Panel’s structure. With some simple registry entries, these functions can be at the tip of your fingers, as you just have to right-click on the Computer icon to access them.

computercontext-01-contextmenuAs seen above, the Device Manager, Event Viewer, Programs and Features and Services have been added to the context menu of the Computer shortcut (both on the desktop and in the Start Menu). All you have to do for this is download the registry tweaks, double-click on registry entry files for whatever entry you would like to add and accept the User Account Control prompt. Tested on XP, Vista and 7.

Similarly, you can make your own shortcuts in this context menu very easily. All you have to do is open up the Registry Editor and create a new key with the following name:


Now paste the full path to the program into the (Default) registry value inside your new key and you have your own item.

Download  Computer Context Menu Entry Tweaks


  1. It’s very difficult to see everything from inside details. We often use some major tools on daily basis. People make short cut for such tools. This leads for easier approach for getting the require file. This makes people for quick action on the specific file.

  2. Thank you for a short, simple, informative a post, and also the included downloadable reg files — they do exactly what I wanted and are super convenient. Very much appreciated! 🙂

  3. Willem, many thanks for the good tip for downloading the realtek sound manager equalizer!! Makes Win 7 more complete! Greets, Gerard, Eindhoven Netherlands.

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