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Clean Temp & Cluttered System Files With PureRa

PureRa is a one-click cleaning program that removes all files in Windows that most mainstream cleaners tend to overlook. Files such as, Config.msi, Thumbs.db, Iconcache.db, .sqm-files, and Desktop.ini are all cleaned with this nifty little program.

Config.msi folder contains backup of apps that are installed but due to sloppy Windows Installer it doesn’t remove the unpacked setup files, thus cluttering the config.msi with useless files. Thumbs.db are usually full of preview thumbnails of thousands of images. Iconcache.db is used to save the Windows Icons cache. .sqm-files are created by Windows Live Messenger to read surfing behavior. Desktop.ini is used to tell Windows how to display a certain folder, it is used to customize folders, change their icons, and so on.

Most people assume that deleting these files will crash the OS and render it unstable but this is not true. Removing them will certainly force Windows to recreate them from scratch flawlessly.

There are plenty of other files that it can clean up, such as, FNTCACHE.DAT, Spybot S&D, Software Distribution Log, and Windows Update Installation Files, among many others. All of which are safe to clean.

PureRa new

It can free anywhere from 60MB to more than 2GB depending on how old the Windows installation is in your system. Even though it has been developed to work with Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista, it worked flawlessly with Windows 7 as well

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