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Convert Your Photo Into Painting, Sketch, Drawing, Or Cartoon With FotoSketcher

Do you have a photo and would like to convert it into something more fun? Try FotoSketcher, it is a free little app that automatically converts your photos into art with the click of a button. You can create professional art images, make greeting cards out of them, or simply print them out and hang them in the wall.

According to the developer,

Different styles are available: pencil sketch, pen and ink drawing, various painting renderings. You can also improve your original photo with simple tools (enhance contrast, sharpen, simplify image, increase luminosity, color saturation etc…).

fotosketcher logo

There are two versions available for download, one is the setup version and the other is stand alone version which is portable. I tested the later because it can be carried anywhere in a USB flash drive.

All you have to do is go to File and select Open A New Picture. Once the picture has been selected, all options of converting it into an art will be shown along with a preview. Once you have selected the desired settings, click Save to start converting the image. It has the easiest navigation available thus making it easy to use for even novice users.

photosketcher example

Below are two more examples of how photos were converted into art using this tool.

FotoSketcher -female art

FotoSketcher - male art


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