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Minecraft Mushroom: Characteristics, Recipes and How to Get them

There are varieties of blocks players can get their hands on to give them intractable ingredients or tools. The recent Minecraft update possesses 750 stackable items, which you could get in Minecraft’s Overworld. However, one of the most valuable items which can also be crafted for valuable goods is mushrooms. These have been included in the game since June 2009.

Mushrooms are various fungi plant items found in dark cave areas and can be crafted to make Mushroom Stew, rabbit stew, and fermented spider eyes. They vary in size and color; they might be red or brown. Mostly, you can get them with In-game items; when mining an In-game asset, you get a small amount of mushrooms. 

Unlike other blocks in Minecraft, the drop rate of the mushroom is not affected in any form- meaning they have a fixed value. Therefore, the most one can acquire is from the most significant drop rate, the Huge Mushroom Block, which drops up to two mushrooms of the same color.

As of the latest update, Mushrooms can spread to adjacent squares and can only be farmed if the location is dark enough. They only grow on Podzol. If fed with a bone meal and provided enough space, it would grow into a Huge Mushroom. That is the only way mushrooms can grow into Huge Mushrooms.

Minecraft-MushroomHow can you get Mushrooms?

A mushroom falls as an item if:

  • The Block under it is moved or destroyed: Since Mushrooms can be placed on any block, they drop as a pickable item if the Block is moved
  • Water flows over it: these Mushrooms grow on the swamp’s surface, not inside the water body
  • The mushroom is removed from the top of Podzol
  • Highly lit environment where the light level is 13

Minecraft Mushrooms Natural Generation

  • Mushrooms generate naturally in a poorly lit area with a light level of ≤ 12
  • Each swarm has a 1⁄8 (12.5%) chance of generating red mushroom and a 1⁄4 (25.0%) chance of generating brown mushroom
  • They grow on patches of bedrock ceiling of Nether and the surface of swamps and old-growth taiga
  • Mushrooms are the Block that can generate in the Nether
  • In villages, red mushrooms generate inside a flower pot in a witches’ hut and on a mushroom farm in mansions
  • In Bedrock Edition, 0–2 mushrooms generate on fallen jungle trees
  • Shearing a red or brown mushroom (mushroom-covered variants of cows exclusive to the rare mushroom fields biome) drops five mushrooms of the corresponding color and turns it into a regular cow.

General Characteristics of Mushrooms


Note that mushrooms can spread to, above, and below a nearby block. That’s if there are some mushrooms with a lesser quantity than 5 in a 9×9×3 space around the mushroom origin.

When a bone meal is applied to a mushroom, it can grow into a huge mushroom with the same color as the origin, provided it fulfills the natural generation requirements and has enough space – 7×7×9.


Only Brown Mushroom can emit light, which is barely visible as it is at light level 1. 


Both Red and Brown Mushrooms can be planted in a flower vase.

Recipes from Mushrooms

  • Mushroom Stew (restores 6 hunger): Red Mushroom + Brown Mushroom + Bowl
  • Rabbit Stew (restores 10 hunger): Cooked Rabbit + Carrot + Baked Potato + Any Mushroom + Bowl

Suspicious Stew (restores 6 hunger): Red Mushroom + Brown Mushroom + Bowl + Any Flower

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