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Screenshot A Web Page And Add A macOS Window Frame To It [Chrome]

Screenshots make it easier to explain a process or show-off an online product’s feature. A good screenshot can actually get users interested in trying a product out or make an otherwise long tutorial seem easier to follow. There are plenty of screenshot tools available for every desktop platform in existence and even mobile platforms are spoiled for choice but the ability and tool to take a screenshot isn’t always enough especially when aesthetics matter. Standardized Screenshot is a Chrome extension that takes screenshots of web pages. It won’t scroll a web page and capture all of it but it will resize the browser window to 1366px, frame the screenshot in a macOS Window frame, and add a nice drop shadow all in one click.

Install Standardized Screenshot and navigate to the web page you want to capture. Click the extension’s button and step back as it resizes the window and captures the current web page.

Standardized Screenshot-capture

Right-click the image when it opens in a new tab and save it to your disk.


The extension works well but at times when resizing the window, it ends up stretching the web page you’re trying to capture. If it does that when you try to capture a screenshot, resize the window manually. You don’t have to resize it to 1366px yourself but increase its width so that the extension doesn’t end up stretching the page out and then capture the screenshot.

Standardized Screenshot will only capture what’s inside the current window and not the entire web page. It has no support for scrolling a web page nor can it work with screenshots captured from a different tool. The only criticism we have of the extension is that it should allow the user to select the distance and length of the drop shadow. At present, it seems a bit much. All screenshots are saved in PNG format.

Install Standardized Screenshot From The Chrome Web Store

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