20 Best Cydia Tweaks Of Year 2011

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2011 is coming to an end, and it was a year that saw Apple maintain its dominance over the smartphone market. In October, iOS was bumped to iOS 5, which brought many long-awaited features to Apple’s mobile platform. In addition to that, iPhone 4S was launched, which has been termed as the most successful iPhone yet, with Siri being the apple of many people’s eyes. On the jailbreak front, Cydia lovers had to spend the last quarter of the year on a tethered jailbreak for iOS 5, but with the holiday season came an untethered jailbreak. iOS 5 brought a fully functional Notification Center, and many completely different features to the iOS mix, and that made way for a whole new genre of Cydia tweaks. Here is a list of some of the best Cydia tweaks for iOS 5.

Almost all of the following tweaks are free. The few that aren’t have their price mentioned within their descriptions.

1. Spire (First legal Siri port for pre-A5 devices)

Siri iPod touch 20 Best Cydia Tweaks Of Year 2011View in gallery

2. OpenBackup (Create a backup of your Cydia tweaks and their chosen preferences)

OpenBackupFilesView in gallery

3. Fbspot (Control your Facebook account from the Spotlight search area via custom commands)

Fbspot Custom CommandView in gallery

4. Autocorrection Bar (Get Android-like autocorrect bar above iOS keyboard)

Autocorrection BarView in gallery

5. SwitcherLoader (Add or remove options from the App Switcher tray)

SwitcherLoader SettingsView in gallery

6. App Stat (Track your app usage by seeing the number of times each app has been opened)

App Stat ListView in gallery

7. xCon (Run apps which don’t normally allow jailbroken devices to use them)

xCon BeforeView in gallery xCon AfterView in gallery

8. Zephyr (N9 & Blackberry Playbook style multitasking bezel gestures – $2.99)

ZephyrView in gallery

9. CleverPin (Disables passcode lock when on a particular Wi-Fi network – $1.99)

IMG_0630View in gallery IMG_0628View in gallery

10. SwitcherCleaner (Kills all apps automatically except the recent ones)

SwitcherCleanerView in gallery

11. LockScreen Multitasking (Access App Switcher from the lock screen)

Lock Screen MultitaskingView in gallery

12. Firebreak (Enables panorama view in stock iOS camera)

IMG_0542View in gallery IMG_0544View in gallery

13. SMSConfirmation (Get confirmation notification every time an SMS is delivered successfully)

SMSConfirmation NotificationView in gallery

14. WeeSpaces (Multitasking for iOS 5 Notification Center)

IMG_0340View in gallery

15. AnyLockApp (Replace the camera icon on lock screen with the shortcut to any app)

IMG_0333View in gallery

16. WeeFlashlight (A flashlight usable from the notification center)

WeeFlashlight-Cydia-Tweak---Flashlight-toggle-in-Notification-CenterView in gallery

17. SwitcherPages (Add page dots to the app switcher tray)

Dots In Task SwitcherView in gallery

18. FolderIcons (Customize the appearance of folders and icons)

Modified FoldersView in gallery

19. Swype (Get a Swype keyboard for your iOS device)

Swype-Beta-For-iOS1View in gallery

20. Notification Center widgets (a collection the best Big Boss Notification Center tweaks)

iOS 5 Notification Center WidgetsView in gallery

So that concludes our list of the tweaks that really made 2011 a successful year for the jailbreak community, and reminded everyone why Cydia remains important in the iOS environment. With the untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 out now, users of jailbreak are sure to increase in numbers exponentially. Apple has been taking leads from the jailbreak community for a while (and even developers), and we hope to see the trend continue in years to come. Have a nice and successful 2012!

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      xquisite HD

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  • Lsufan906

    swype is not an app

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      It is it’s called Iswipe

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      If you still don’t know it’s called weathericon

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    SMSconfirmation one of the best Cydia apps of 2011? Who needs a “message sent” info when the iPhone already flags unsent messages with exclamation points??

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  • The best list of Cydia apps I have seen so far! Great selection! 

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  • Indeed best cydia apps for iPhone, though i am unable to install OpenBackup cydia tweak.

  • does anyone know the name of the app where you can drag apps out of the multitasking bar to kill them?

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