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Customize iPhone & iPad Folder Icons [Cydia Tweak]

There are a million other iOS devices out there that look just like your device. That’s where customization enters the arena. There are a lot of apps and tweaks which allow you to enhance and customize the look and feel of your iPad or iPhone. FolderIcons aims to contribute towards such customization in its own way, that is, by letting you change the icons of your SpringBoard folders. Admittedly FolderIcons is not the only way of customizing folder icons in iOS. There is Beautifolder and many other Cydia store themes using which you can give your iPhone or iPad a new look. So, if you have a jailbroken iDevice, read on after the break.

Folder OptionsThe tweak is free and available at the Big Boss repo of Cydia. Once installed, FolderIcons will appear in the Settings menu of your iDevice. In the menu you will see all the folders listed that you currently have on your device. Tap any folder in the menu and you will get the options pertaining to tweaking its icon. You can remove the badge of all the folders at once, or you can do so for selective folders. The tweak also provides you with options to turn folder shadows on or off.

Modified FoldersBut now we come to the slightly tricky part. How do you actually change a folder icon to an icon of your choice? You can either transfer the images from your desktop computer to your device via openSSH (available on Cydia) and WinSCP (for Windows PC) or by downloading the images to your device and using iFile (available on Cydia) to move them to the right directory within the file system. Search any PNG image and put it in your device at the path given in the tweak’s settings menu. Once that has been done, you will see the new icon available in FolderIcons, chose it against any of your existing folders and hit Re-Spring. The folders should now have their icons replaced by the PNG images you selected for each of them.

The changed icons tend to look better with Remove Background enabled. The tweak requires some effort but the end result does make it all worthwhile. The developer will do well to make a few changes to the way things work in the tweak, and of course a few predefined themes won’t hurt at all. Even as it is, do give FolderIcons a try if you are too fed up with the default black folders.

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