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How To Convert Disk Images From IMG To ISO Format

IMG is a disk image format like ISO, Bin, Nrg, etc used by many virtual drive software. Disk image files created with such formats can be mounted as virtual disks with the help of disk mounting applications such as MagicDisc, Alcohol, DaemonTools and the like. Over a period of time, the ISO format has become more popular than other disk image formats. For this reason, one is likely to find support for ISO images in numerous applications as compared to other similar formats. Moreover, many users have become more acquainted with the ISO format and prefer it over other formats. For example, most CD/DVD images are released as ISO images such as operating system versions (e.g. Linux distributions), files uploaded to torrent websites, etc. If you would like to convert an IMG file to an ISO image, then IMG to ISO application might just be what you are looking for. It is a simple tool which converts an IMG file to the ISO file format. The best part is that it not only converts an IMG file to an ISO file format but also retains the quality of the disk image. The converted ISO file that is created using this program can conform to the standard ISO-9660 format.

To convert an IMG file, click Open, select a file to convert and choose an output location from the Save option. Click Convert to begin the conversion process.


This will convert the IMG file to ISO file format. Don’t be alarmed if the application appears hanged during the conversion process as the application does not have a progress bar and for this reason it can appear to be non responsive even when it is functioning.


IMG to ISO works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download IMG to ISO


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