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SwitcherPages: Add Page Dots To iPhone/ iPad App Switcher [Cydia Tweak]

Dots In Task Switcher

All the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users out there are pretty used to the tiny dots present on the Springboard of their iDevices which are used to indicate how many pages on either side of the current screen are present. But if you think about it, there usually aren’t a large number of pages on the home screen (especially since the advent of folders) so the dots have moved into the periphery of iOS. But do you know where they’ll be really useful? In the App Switcher! And that’s exactly what SwitcherPages brings to your device.

Now let’s take a moment to reflect upon why the page indicator dots will be more useful in the App Switcher. iOS keeps the apps you ran at  any time in its App Switcher unless you manually kill them. This could mean that a huge number of apps can reside in the App Switcher at any given point in time. Add that to the fact that one screen in the switcher can only accommodate 4 icons and you start to gauge the importance of the page dots in this menu.

If I ever open the App Switcher, I have no idea how many tasks there are ahead of the current page, but using SwitcherPages, you will know at a glance how many apps in total have been cached. Head on over to the Cydia store and install SwitcherPages to your iDevice for free. You’ll find the tweak in the Big Boss repo. No icon or settings tab will be added as the tweak is supposed to work completely in the background without any customization.

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