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Total SMS Control: Remote SMS, Call Log Backup & Forwarding To Email Or Twitter [Android]

The Android Market is filled with apps (free and paid) that let you backup and remotely access your phone’s content, help tracking/securing your device when it is misplaced and offer various privacy settings to ensure that both your device and the data lying within is always safe from prying eyes. To avail so many features at once, you are often required to install multiple apps. However, if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, then you must consider using Total SMS Control. Apart from the aforementioned functionality, the app offers a few handy new features of its own, such as automatically forwarding incoming SMS to Twitter as Direct Messages, remotely backing up and forwarding call logs and texts to email and more.

01-Total SMS Control-Android-Forwarding-Mode04-Total SMS Control-Android-Twitter

With Total SMS Control, you can forward your incoming/outgoing call notifications and text messages to another phone, an email account or to your Twitter account as Direct Messages. In addition, the app lets you remotely locate/track your lost phone via SMS. You can also schedule automatic backup of your contacts list, call logs, list of all installed apps, sent/received SMS and forward all backed up content in CSV file format to an email account of your choice.

Total SMS Control also supports updating your Twitter status via SMS and forwarding your Twitter timeline to an email account. You can configure the app to automatically delete all incoming/outgoing text messages from your phone after they are successfully forwarded via a selected Forwarding Mode. It also provides you better privacy and parental controls so that you can keep track of your kids’ texting activities secretly.

The app opens to its Forwarding Mode screen with options to modify content forwarded to email, Twitter and SMS. Tap on the Forward to Email button to select from aforementioned content that you wish to forward to an email account of your choice. Apart from forwarding SMS and call notifications, you can also opt to forward your location. You can specify just one email account at a time but it can be later modified if required.

Tapping on the Forward to Twitter button lets you forward content to your Twitter account as Direct Messages while tapping on the Forward to SMS button can be availed to forward preferred content to a specified mobile number via SMS. You can select as many options from any preferred forwarding mode as desired. On the forwarding mode screen, you also have a couple of toggles for enabling/disabling parental control mode as well as auto deletion of messages. In case you wish to enable parental control mode, you are prompted to enter a secret code (54321 by default) that would be required each time you launch the app. The secret code can be modified from under the General tab of the Applications Settings menu. You can also specify a phone identification code from the same settings menu. Phone identification code, as suggested by its name, is your device’s identity and is sent along with all forwarded messages/emails.

02-Total SMS Control-Android-General03-Total SMS Control-Android-Backup

The General Tab contains app’s various remote control settings. Under the Remote Settings menu, you can specify various SMS keywords to remotely perform various actions on your device. For instance, separate SMS keywords can be used to remotely forward phone contacts, SMS inbox/outbox, call logs, app list, Twitter home timelines and device location to email (requires GPS to be ON). SMS commands can also be used to remotely clear app settings, update Twitter status, sound alarm to locate missing phone (separate keywords to start & stop alarm).

From the Backup tab, you can enable/disable backing up of all your text messages, contacts/app list and/or call logs. Under the Automatic Backup Schedule menu, you can specify the time to backup all selected content on monthly, weekly or daily basis. As mentioned earlier, backed up content is automatically forwarded in CSV file format to a specified email account.

To reset all settings at once, tap Menu > Clear Settings. Total SMS Control’s various forwarding, remote access and backup features were tested successfully on our HTC Desire Z.

One has to appreciate the fact that despite being extensively feature-packed, the app is available in the Android Market absolutely free of cost.

Download Total SMS Control For Android

Update: Total SMS Control is no longer available in the Google Play Store. However, users looking for a solution that automatically forwards incoming SMS messages to your Google Mail and GTalk account can consider using DeskSMS by Koush.


    • its on the setting… dont be confuse with repetitive settings. you might checked a setting called “send/forward inbox” so everytime she/he had new incoming text, the whole inbox msgs will be sent.

    • do you have this app yet? pls send me that. i’ll try to help you to stop sending sms.

  1. how is it possible to uninstall the app?
    after setting the target phone no. it crashed and i could not find any way to deactivate the program !

  2. how is it possible to uninstall the app?
    after setting the target phone no. it crashed and i could not find any way to deactivate the program !

  3. Had this app on my bf’s old phone, Wonderful app! Loved it! Now I hate its not in the Android app…….n dwnloading it from their website you need to build points! Ughhhhhhhhh……hate it!

  4. i had this app on my old phone. i tried downloading it to my new phone and it says its no longer in the adroid market. 

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