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SMSConfirmation: Get Push Notifications For SMS Delivery Report On iPhone [Cyda Tweak]

Don’t you just hate it when you send a text and forget all about it, only to return back to your iPhone’s Messaging app to find out that message sending failed due to a network error? Even if you don’t hate it, apparently the jailbreak community does, and that’s why SMSConfirmation has been made, which is a Cydia tweak to let you know if your text message was sent or not. The cool part? You don’t have to check the status of the text yourself; the tweak displays a push notification which is impossible to miss. I have often missed the warning badge on the stock Messages app when my network is playing tricks on me. The fact that there is no sound, or alert notification associated with the failure to send a message, has been a rather annoying omission in iOS for a long time. Thankfully, SMSConfirmation has finally been able to fix that.


After you have installed it to your iDevice, the tweak will start displaying push notifications a lot like the one iOS used before iOS 5 (pop-ups). The tweak does not make use of the new Notification Center and banner notifications of iOS 5, and the alerts serve the purpose of leaving no room for delay in your becoming aware of the fact that the message you just sent has not been delivered.

After sending an SMS, you don’t have to wait for the status of the text message to update, or the progress bar at the top of the screen to fill out completely. You can navigate away from the Messages app to any other area of the device as soon as you press that green Send button; SMSConfirmation will display a delivery report for your sent message. There are two notifications you can get while using the tweak. The “Message Sent” one indicates that everything is fine and there is no reason for alarm, while the “Message Sending Failure” alert is what the tweak has been actually designed for.

There tweak does not have any customizable settings. The only way to disable it is to uninstall it from within Cydia. Being a heavy texter myself, I personally appreciate this tweak a lot, although things could have been even better had the tweak only sent out alerts for texts that didn’t get sent properly, as having an alert after every SMS seems a bit too cumbersome. The tweak is available for free at the ModMyi repo in the Cydia store.


  1. it’s even funny..the notification is pushed instantly after the message is sent, which is impossible …total fake app 🙁

  2. not working.. it gives me “Message Sent” even when it’s not.. even if the reception’s phone is turnd off

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