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xCon for iOS: Prevent Jailbreak Detection In App Store Apps [Cydia Tweak]

For iOS users, there are more advantages of having a jailbreak than there are drawbacks. Still, there are a few scenarios that really make you wish you had never heard of Cydia. Of course, jailbreaking takes away a touch of stability from your iPhone, and in addition to that, there are certain apps on the iTunes App Store that refuse to run if  they find your device is jailbroken. This might be done by developers intentionally, or there might be some genuine issue regarding the app’s compatibility with the jailbreak. Whatever the case might be, the iOS dev community almost always rises to the challenge and comes up with an app to counter this issue. There might be other solutions already available for the prevention of jailbreak detection in iOS, but the newly released xCon is a free Cydia tweak that bypasses the aforementioned jailbreak check, allowing you to run all such App Store apps that normally wouldn’t run on a jailbroken device. The tweak does so in a really uncomplicated manner, and does not force its users to do anything other installing xCon on their device.

xCon Before xCon xCon After

Now that we have praised xCon so much, don’t get too excited just yet. Although the tweak is pretty useful, it is by no means universal. As of now, the tweak only supports a few apps, all of which are listed on the xCon description page.

The current list of supported apps is as follows:

  • Bloomberg Anywhere
  • Cablevision
  • Cisco M-Learning
  • DircTV for iPad
  • Grimm’s Fairy Tales
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Verizon On Demand

The present list covers most of the widely used anti-jailbreak apps on the App Store, but nevertheless, seems a bit limited. The developer of xCon has requested users to contact him if they want more apps added to the supported list, and so we might see the list grow soon.

We tested the tweak for Cisco M-learning, and sure enough, the tweak worked (as you can see in the screenshots above). As mentioned earlier, the tweak is free, and if you want to use any of the above mentioned apps, just head to the Cydia store and get xCon from the ModMyi repo.

Update: The xCon tweak has become almost universal, as all apps that oppose jailbreak are added to its support list as soon as they are released. The latest to be added to the xCon list is the newly released Amazon video app.


    • Quickflix is not in the official support list, but quite probably it will work nonetheless. Try it, since the tweak is free and won’t cause any negative effects.

  1. I suspect if people knew what jailbreak actually meant then they wouldn’t want to run any secure apps on their jailbroken phones anyway. It basically allows any app to snoop on or inject functionality into any other app on the device. So you log into your banking app and another app steals your logon credentials or posts a payment for you.

    Maybe now you can see why certain individuals are so keen for you to download and run their jailbreak bypass software which isn’t open source so you have no idea what is in it ! Jailbreak prevention is there for a reason. 

    • If you had jailbroke your phone would realise apps jailbroken or otherwise cant interact with the mobile substrate without explicitly allowing it, similar to the ‘allow this app to obtain your location?.
      Which individuals are so keen for you to download and run their bypass software exactly? There is a reason jailbreaking is no longer illegal, primarily as it gives the device and incredible new lease of life.
      In fact of the three Apple verified exploits (that passed Apple interval verification) two of them were released into the jailbreak community first.
      An iPhone that isnt jailbroken isnt worth taking out of the box in my opinion.

    • Jailbreaking means you’re logged into your phone’s OS as an administrator and running apps with elevated privileges to the software and hardware. That’s all jailbreaking is.
      If you’re too inept to NOT install shady software on the same device where you keep or use sensitive information, then you deserve to have it stolen.

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