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App Stat Displays The Number Of Times You’ve Used Each App On Your iPhone

Although the memory in most modern iOS devices is more than enough for most users, things can get a bit cluttered if you have a lot music in your iPhone, or if you like downloading loads of heavy apps from the App Store. many iOS apps are no more than a few MBs in size, but in recent times that trend has slowly but surely started to change. There are now games in the App Store that go well over the GB mark in terms of size, and apps have started taking over music and videos as the biggest space occupiers in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. So, with so many things stored in the puny 8 or 16 GB of your iPhone, you might run out of storage space in your iDevice sooner than expected. If that situation ever arises, you will be left with no alternative but to delete some things from your iPhone. As we just mentioned, apps are among the usual suspects when it comes to memory space usage, so you will have to get rid of some of the apps to make some extra space. If you have a lot of apps installed on your iPhone, removing an app is never an easy decision. A small voice in your head is bound to keep telling you that you might need that app some time in the future. The best way to decide the app you want to sacrifice is to know how often you actually use it. App Stat is the perfect app for this purpose. This Cydia app logs the number of times you’ve use each app on the device, and ranks them based on their frequency of use.

App Stat List App Stat

The app is available for free within the Big Boss repo of the Cydia store. The app can, of course, only log your usage of apps after its installment, so if the after installing the app, the first thing you do is launch it, App Stat itself will appear at the top of the list as the most used app, but that can change quickly after you begin using your device as normal. In addition to the badge next to each entry, there is some other data displayed by App Stat as well. You can view the exact time and data when the app was last launched, and in addition to that, the app will show you the time that has elapsed since last launch.

A pretty basic functionality, but fun to have on your iPhone to view your activities every once in a while. The app can also prove to be an excellent tool to help you cleanse your device of unused apps.


  1. This is something I would like on my iPhone without jailbreaking it. Sorting apps by most used would be a good way to organize your dashboard.

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