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Enable Autocorrect Keyboard In iPhone With Autocorrection Bar [Cydia]

The “who copied?” is a debate which never seems to end in the world of smartphone platforms. While people have accused Android’s latest version, ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich), to be a mixture of features from iOS and even Windows Phone 7, there are some things which iPhone has borrowed from Android as well. One such feature, introduced in iOS 5, is autocorrect bar in the keyboard. If you are on iOS 5, then you must be wondering why haven’t you got any such bar in your phone. That’s because despite the feature’s presence, it is disabled by default, and there is no easy way to enable it. If your device is not jailbroken, you can enable the autocorrect bar using our guide to enable autocorrect keyboard. However, for all users with access to Cydia, Autocorrection Bar is a simple and free tweak to get this feature with complete ease.

Autocorrection Bar Autocorrection Bar Settings

Available in the Big Boss repo, Autocorrection Bar is a tweak which does not come with a lot of complicated settings. After you have installed it to your iDevice, the tweak won’t start working straight away, you will have to enable it from the Settings menu. Go to Settings and in the Extensions tab you will find Autocorrection Bar. Toggle on the Enabled button and you are done. Now the next time you use the keyboard in the Messaging app, your device’s keyboard will show up, integrating the coveted bar above the keys. In our experience, the bar isn’t integrated universally with iOS, as despite showing up in Notes and Messaging, it wasn’t present in the keyboard popped up in Spotlight search.

Autocorrection bar comes with a little bonus feature, and that is the addition of an Action Button. This button appears at the end of the bar and can be used to select text. You can turn on the button if you are using the tweak on iOS 5, or a higher version. You might not get used to the rather hefty bar at first, but it is certainly more convenient than having to correct words again and again, or battling the extremely annoying auto-correct. Autocorrection Bar is a pretty neat tweak, using which you can get a useful feature for your iPhone without having to apply a lengthy procedure. The tweak is sure to decrease your typing time on an iPhone or iPad, so do give it a try, and if you think its more inconvenient than useful, you can simply uninstall it from the Cydia store.


  1. wow nice! ( was my first thought ) they should remove the confirm option or confirm and use the space bar as well so you press the space bar to confirm and place a space also. for now it’s more annoying than helpful 🙁

  2. This is a shit tweak… You have to confirm every damn word and it likes to change everything you write. How could this possibly be one of the best??? I uninstalled the thing and it’s still there! 

    Did you people even try it or just read what it does and decide “hey that’s nice: best of 2011 right here!”

    Pointless, pointless tweak…

  3. I would be very greatful for anyone’s help with this! I installed this app thu cydia, uninstalled it, restored phone several times.. uninstalled cydia but the bar is still there ! what can I do ? email me at
    minkay5 at hotmail . com please!

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