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The Best ChatGPT Prompts to Use for Writing a Cover Letter

The Best ChatGPT Prompts to Use for Writing a Cover Letter

If you have ever used ChatGPT, you know that the only thing required of you for your cover letter is to come up with the best ChatGPT prompts to use for writing a cover letter. These prompts will also come in handy in all stages of your revision. So let’s find out the best prompts for writing a cover letter and how to use them to succeed in your job-hunting expedition.

Some tips you need to consider before writing your cover letter with ChatGPT

Gather as much information as possible on the job you are applying for. The more information you give ChatGPT, the more detailed and personal your letter will get. Also don’t use ChatGPT’s letter exactly as you receive it. ChatGPT’s content is good, but it’s always just machine-generated material, which can be detected through several online platforms. So, whatever you receive from the AI system, you must rewrite it in your own style. 

Additionally, Don’t stick to one prompt. ChatGPT prompts come in all shapes and forms. Using several of them will give you ideas about what to write on your final draft. Other than rewriting your letter, you also need to proofread the text several times to ensure there are no inconsistencies or grammatical mistakes. A minor slip can put your potential employer off your case. Last but not least, don’t overdo it. You might want to include all the information ChatGPT has given you in the final draft of your cover letter. However, you should be as brief and concise as possible and prioritize what you want to say. 

Best prompts for ChatGPT to write the first draft of a cover letter

Asking ChatGPT to draft a cover letter

  1. Please draft a cover letter with formal language for the (position) at the (company).
  2. Please write an informal cover letter for a job application as a (position) at the (company) in less than 150 words.
  3. Can you draft a cover letter of less than 150 words for the position of (role) at the (name) company?
  4. Could you please compose a professional cover letter for the role of (position) at the (name) company?
  5. Please write a persuasive cover letter in less than 150 words for the (role) position at (company name).
  6. Please write a cover letter highlighting how (the company name) ‘s requirements match my qualifications.
  7. Please provide me with an example of a cover letter with less than 150 words that’s both personal and effective.
  8. Please draft a cover letter template for me in the (career) industry. Make it persuasive, effective, and professional. Write 150 words in short paragraphs.
  9. This is the first draft of the cover letter that I have written. Please tell me how I can improve upon it and make it more professional and persuasive (copy and paste your cover letter.)
  10. How can I rewrite this cover letter to match the position of (role) at (company)? (Copy and paste the letter.)
  11. I am applying for the (role) position at (company). Can you write me a cover letter in less than 150 words that can help me get the job?
  12. I am interested in applying for the position of (role) in (company). Can you please write me a cover letter that’s both compelling and less than 150 words?
  13. Could you please generate a polite and brief cover letter for the job I am applying for? The position is (role) at the (company).
  14. I am interested in the (role) position. The requirements are (specific skill set), and you must be experienced in (a field of work). Could you please create a cover letter to showcase my competence in these areas and how they can help the company’s goals?
  15. List my skills in (field) and compose a persuasive cover letter for (role) at(company).

Prompts that make ChatGPT rewrite my letter to include personal information

Asking ChatGPT to improve cover letter quality

  1. Rewrite my letter in a way that showcases my proficiency at (skills) and my passions. Use the information provided in my resume. Copy and paste your resume.
  2. Make some suggestions to include my unique qualifications and experiences in my cover letter (paste down your existing cover letter and your resume.)
  3. Rewrite the cover letter highlighting my ability to work in a team.
  4. Edit my cover letter to stand out from the competition by including qualifications and experiences from my resume (copy and paste your resume.)
  5. Effectively showcase my leadership skills in the cover letter.
  6. Regenerate my cover letter to focus on my ability to solve problems and think creatively.
  7. Explain in this cover letter how my work experiences have prepared me to succeed in this role. (Copy and paste your resume.)
  8. Improve this cover letter to emphasize my unique qualifications and how they match the company’s future goals. (Copy and paste your resume here.)
  9. Please edit this cover letter and use keywords from the job description to show my qualifications and how they match the company’s goals. (Copy and paste the job description and your resume.)
  10. Please look at my skills, experience, and achievements in my resume and rewrite my cover letter to highlight how they relate to the company I’m applying to. Please mention specific keywords from the job description. (Copy and paste your resume and job description.)

How to write the final cover letter based on the letter ChatGPT wrote

Include your resume and job description in the letter

Yes, you asked the AI system to include information from the resume and job description. But you need to add some things you think are necessary to be mentioned. There are some points that the AI system might not see as a priority, but they are important milestones in your life. Therefore, always put your own judgment first.

Set the tone

The tone of the letter is another thing that you can ask ChatGPT to set for you. You can mention in your prompt that you want the letter to be formal, informal, or friendly. On the other hand, in order to make your cover letter less machine-generated and more hand-written, you need to revise the whole thing to give it one of the following tones: 

  • Professional
  • Persuasive
  • Conversational
  • Storytelling
  • Creative
  • Technical

Make it concise

Your cover letter needs to be concise yet readable and engaging. This is something that only you can do. Cut out all the parts you think might be redundant and add short and to-the-point sentences to describe yourself and your talents the best.

Write a strong opening and closing

You can ask ChatGPT to give you a good opening and closing for your cover letter, but then again, it’s best to write these parts on your own as they form the first impressions on the reader. You can use the templates ChatGPT has provided you to form something appropriate. But use your own words. 

Ask ChatGPT to make adjustments

Asking ChatGPT to make cover letter shorter

Before rewriting the letter in your own words, give ChatGPT some constructive criticism to finetune the letter and make it what you want. For instance, you can say: “That’s a good letter, but can you make it shorter and more to the point?”. 

Final thoughts

Using ChatGPT to write a cover letter for your job application can make your life easier by saving you a lot of time and energy. What’s more, the letter you write with ChatGPT’s help can be more professional looking and creative. But be careful about one thing. Do not rely entirely on the AI system. Instead, rewrite the letter in your own words to avoid plagiarism and detection. And also, carefully proofread the whole letter and check for grammatical mistakes and typos. Good luck with your future job! 

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