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Android Tuner Packs A Ton Of System Tweaks To Improve Performance

The best thing about Android is that you can tweak every minute detail of your device to get the most out of it. For instance, you can change the entire user interface, use alternative apps for pretty much everything, and with a rooted device, also remove preinstalled bloatware, make full device backups to internal or cloud storage, and customize every nook and corner of the OS. If you’ve noticed your phone’s performance to be slowing down lately, there are a few apps that let you tinker with various system settings to get it back up to speed. Android Tuner is a prime example of this genre of apps. The app carries a truckload of tools designed to monitor and boost your phone’s performance. It lets you configure different OS-related areas including but not limited to changing CPU speed, cleaning memory, accessing root files, managing Wi-Fi networks and more.

Android Tuner Free boasts a barebones UI on an all black Holo background. The main screen displays a comprehensive set of system monitoring and tweaking options, and you can swipe left and right from the home screen to reveal further configuration settings.

Android Tuner Free Main Android Tuner Free

Tapping one of your desired tools lets you access its main component. For instance, you can run the task manager tool to view and kill running apps, tweak your CPU governor, speed and voltage settings, backup or restore APKs, or tweak other system settings such as SD cache size and partition trimming.

There are also other interesting areas to explore, such as built-in Root Explorer and Terminal emulator. However, these options (and a few additional ones such as the build.prop editor) only work on a rooted device, which unlocks the full potential of this app. But even on non-rooted device, the app has much on offer.

Memory Android Tuner

A few more options include being able to access system and kernel logs for advanced filtering and search, and edit scripts to be run on system startup. As with any app that tinkers with system settings or make non-reversible changes, we’d advice you to be extra careful of what you tinker with via Android Tuner Free, and do your proper research before changing and editing anything you don’t know about.

Build prop CPU

In a nutshell, Android Tuner Free is one of the most feature-packed Android tweaking applications I have ever seen. You can download the app for free or support the dev by getting the paid version.

Install Android Tuner Free from Play Store (Free)

Install Android Tuner from Play Store (Paid)

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