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AppDisco: Android App & Game Discovery Tool With Per-Category Alerts

There are many Play Store alternatives available for Android that claim to help you discover the best apps and games out there in the most personalized manner, but few surpass the level of customization, advanced filtration and depth offered by AppDisco. Available for free, AppDisco is a highly customizable and intelligent Android app discovery engine equipped with a variety of tools that helps you discover apps from different categories, genres and price ranges via a user-curated feed. Based on the app categories you’re following, AppDisco lists the latest titles under what it calls app playlists, to make the exploration process easier for you. You can vote apps up and down to help AppDisco learn about your personal app tastes & preferences for future recommendations. The app also notifies you about any new titles added to the app categories you’re following. There’s also a unique ‘Game Blender’ feature to help you find Android games supporting various user-specified traits like complexity level, themes, visuals (2D & 3D), interaction level, multiplayer support and a whole lot more.

AppDisco deserves a special mention for the way it presents all its features in an uncluttered and highly intuitive manner. Using a solitary dropdown menu, you can instantly switch to the app’s discovery engine, your personalized AppDisco feed, user profile, Game Blender, the category-based App Finder, and your custom app playlists. Let’s take a closer look at all of them.

AppDisco: This is the main screen of the app and it presents you with an automatically updated feed of all the app categories you’re following, as well as the new app titles released under each category.


Discover: This section lists all the apps installed on your Android device, and lets you quickly discover apps similar to them with one tap. You can also uninstall any of the installed apps directly from here, and quickly access the Game Blender and App Finder sections.


My Profile: Mange your AppDisco profile, keep a close watch on your custom app playlists & preferred game traits, and personalize notification settings for your app playlists. As of now, you need a Facebook account to sign up with the AppDisco service. Once registered, the app will keep a record of your app playlists and preferences on its web service.


Game Blender: Here, you can discover the right Android games for you by first selecting your preferred master category, and then narrowing down your search criteria for getting ideal game recommendations by specifying various traits and subcategories such as themes, skills, visuals, interaction level, objective, complexity, point of view and lots more. This ensures that if you want to find a casual racing game, you don’t see other types of games such as fighting or quiz titles in the results.


App Finder: This is another section with a lot of action. Here, you can search for apps under various categories such as entertainment, travel, social, photography, communication, shopping, education et al. You might argue that this can be done on Play Store as well, but with AppDisco, you can further filter the search results by applying various parameters like content-aware subcategories, price, popularity, highest rated, well-reputed and even ‘Undiscovered Gems’! You can also start following a particular category, complete with personalized search. When following a playlist, you can also opt to post the underlying activities for the playlist to your Facebook Wall to, get live updates.


My Playlists: If your AppDisco feed is getting a bit too cluttered, you can always resort to the playlists section to explore apps and games from under their respective genres. This section also shows you games and apps of the day featured on AppDisco.

For all your search queries, the app presents you with a ubiquitous search bar at the top. Based on the keyword(s) provided, the app can display all app titles containing the searched terms (e.g. all ‘Instagram’ clients for Android). Better yet, you can even start following your personalized search queries. Alongside each app title, you get to see its relevant details, Play Store link, screenshots, user & expert reviews, star ratings, sharing tools and similar apps.

Barring a home screen widget, AppDisco has almost everything that makes an app discovery engine worth using on a regular basis. It is certainly one of the best Android app exploration tools we have come across so far.

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