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Battery Compare Lets You Benchmark Your Android Device’s Battery Life Relative To Others

Limited, poor or fast-fading battery timing is one of the most widely debated issues among smartphone users, and Android is no exception in this regard. In fact, the level of fragmentation in the Android world, the variety of custom ROMs, and the depth of tweaking that Google’s mobile OS allows may result in varying battery timings for two Android users owing exactly the same device. Atop all that, one has to take into consideration the varying mileage that you might be getting from your device’s battery as a result of your normal usage and preferred settings, which are seldom the same for any two users. There is no simple means to obtain detailed battery comparison results, statistics and analysis reports to see how your device fares as compared to other similar devices, or there hasn’t been one, until now. Fresh to the Google Play Store, Battery Compare is a free Android battery benchmarking tool that presents you with various filters and settings that you can apply to analyze your device’s battery performance in detail. Using the app, you can have your battery’s drainage recorded for a user-specified time, and then submit it to its servers to obtain detailed results based on comparison with reports submitted by other users from around the world.

Battery-Compare-Android-Start Battery-Compare-Android-Filters

Personally speaking, the most remarkable thing that I’ve found about Battery Compare is its usage. To begin logging information, all you need to do is launch the app, hit the New button and go about your usual routine. Once you feel that you’ve granted the app enough time to record required data, head back to the app and press the Stop button. Next, navigate to the Publish tab to provide the app with some required information, such as your usage level, the battery’s age, whether you’re using an aftermarket battery, and whether you’re running a custom Android ROM etc. Below all said questions, you can view other details automatically collected by the app. These include the total benchmark duration (with exact start/stop time), total battery drainage during the test phase, battery type, screen brightness, OS version, kernel version, manufacturer and model.

Battery-Compare-Android-Publish Battery-Compare-Android-Publish2

Once all required questions have been answered, swipe to the Compare tab to obtain the benchmark results that the app has gathered from other users owning the same device (with exactly the same settings) as yours. All the core comparative statistics and numbers that you’re interested in can be found on this very screen. Comparison can be done in two main ways: Duration and Battery Drain, whereas a comparative analysis of other relevant test parameters can be previewed by using the Prev and Next buttons at the bottom. Apart from checking your device’s score relative to other devices, you can also see how well most such devices do on average, which one is the best and which fares the worst under the same conditions.

Now we come to what is arguably the best feature of the app – its extensive filters. Using the settings button in the top-right corner, you can narrow down benchmark results to include a specific category of your choice. In this regard, you have the option to filter results by device manufacturer, model, battery age & type, screen brightness, OS versions, kernel versions and more.

Battery-Compare-Android-Compare1 Battery-Compare-Android-Compare2

There is no restriction on the number of benchmark tests that can be run with Battery Compare. The app maintains a log of all your previous tests, and lets you reanalyze the required ones upon request, using different settings every time.

Battery Compare has a free and $0.99 variant on the Google Play Store. The paid version lets you load recent benchmarks and apply custom filters for carrying out tests. While the app itself suggests that you let it analyze your battery’s performance for a minimum of one hour, we believe that letting tests carry for a lot longer might fetch you more accurate results and analysis reports.

Download Battery Compare For Android (Free)

Download Battery Compare Pro For Android (Paid)

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