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Boom Beach Is Now Available For Android

Boom Beach is a freemium base-building game from Supercell. You may remember them as the people who brought you the best sellers Clash of Clans and Hay Day. These games, like Boom Beach, were originally released for iOS and later ported to android. They were received with much fanfare. It is forecasted that Boom Beach will follow suit. Despite some fanfare, a myriad of clones have already made their way to the Play Store, if you have been indulging in clones, perhaps your appetite is whet enough to prepare for Boom Beach for Android.


Android users have been waiting for Boom Beach with bated breath. Though an official release date has not yet been committed, but Supercell did try out Boom Beach in Germany and Finland, through a test release. It is expected to slowly expand across other regions soon. Do keep an eye out in case the link at the end of the review applies to you. It is a freemium app, so you can install it for free, but you will be extremely tempted to purchase some upgrades as this game is fast paced and its iOS origins have ensured that there is a substantial user-base that you have to first catch up to.

Boom Beach - Loading

As for the actual game, there is a steep learning curve, but it is quelled through a very thorough (sometimes boring) tutorial. Think of it as a wall-free world war II version of Clash of Clans. To be fair, CoC had a steep learning curve itself, but it evened out eventually as does Boom Beach.

Boom Beach - Attack

Being a base builder, your purpose is to build a base such that you are protected against outside attacks while assembling an army to take over tiny islands. You purchase upgrades and troops along the way. It might not sound exciting, but the game does not lose your attention to pacing. Everything seems to be built to carefully calculate maximum addiction. Anytime you construct/create something, there is a time period that you have to wait out.  Fortunately, wait times are between a few minutes and a few hours long.

Boom Beach - Intro

There is no gamer community to speak of and though there is a leaderboard, competition has little to no effect on the outcome of the game. It seems like Supercell, in order to distance Boom Beach from Clash of Clans decided to speed up the overall game experience. The approach seems to have worked as the game remains replayable without getting repetitive or boring.

Boom Beach - Victory

The biggest question is that if you are already playing Clash of Clans, or Castle Clash or one of the hundreds other base building games, then why would you bother with Boom Beach? Well, we don’t quite have an answer for that, but we can’t seem to stop playing long enough to actually think of a solid reason. Let us know how your experience goes. Again, if it is not available in your region, give it a few days and try again.

Download Boom Beach from Playstore

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