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Gecko Dialer: Access Dialpad And Google Search In Floating Window [Android]

We all know that Android can easily handle two different tasks simultaneously. But Google’s open source OS doesn’t offer true multitasking a la Windows or Mac OS X. Even though manufacturers like Samsung have already tried to fill this gap with their Mult-Window feature found on the company’s top end Galaxy phones and tablets, other OEMs are yet to bring similar functionality to the table. Recently though, floating apps are becoming the de facto standard for performing multiple tasks at the same time, because these apps enable users to access certain tasks within another application  (Facebook Messenger, anyone?). Gecko Dialer is one such handy tool that lets you access the dialler interface in a floating window, enabling you to easily input long numbers and extensions inside another app.

Gecko Dialer is as simple as simple can get. Besides a full-fledge dialer UI that allows you to input phone numbers, the app also carries a search option that helps you find queries on Google search engine. The basic functionality is pretty simple; it works by giving you a floating icon that you can drag on top of current app, and tap to open the dialler itself. Still confused? Have a look at the screenshot to the left. As stated in the notification bubble, you can touch the chat-head like icon to open the main dialler which looks pretty bare bones.

The dialer comprises the usual dial pattern; an alphanumeric keypad along with backspace and call buttons. In addition to calling new numbers, the app also allows you to use T9 search to browse through your address book.. You can take advantage of it under different scenarios, for instance, with this app you can access a contact anytime inside another application. Likewise, you can quickly make a new phone call without leaving your current activity.

Gecko Dialer_Button Gecko Dialer

Gecko Dialer also puts you in control of a search component that lets you perform search queries on Google. When switched to Search mode, Gecko puts a floating search icon in place tapping on which instantly opens the search interface of the app. You can simply type required query thereafter and Gecko will do the rest. I am not a fan of floating apps as they mostly bog down devices performance, especially if you have an old device, but luckily, Gecko is pretty modest on system resources.

Gecko Dialer Search Gecko Dialer_Search Gecko Dialer_Settings

Gecko Dialer currently supports all Android versions from 2.2 and up. You can download it for free from the Google Play.

Install Gecko Dialer from Play Store

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