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Get Android Marshmallow’s Doze Feature On Older Android Versions

Battery life is one of the major factors that we take into consideration when buying a smartphone. All smartphones, as far as the marketing for them goes, boast a ridiculously long battery life on a single charge but it’s always far from the truth. Battery life depends on what apps you use on your phone and how long you use them. It also depends on which apps you allow to run in the background and how much they tax your battery while they are in the background. Android Marshmallow introduced a new feature called ‘Doze’ that helps conserve battery life by turning off background app refresh. The feature is fully automated and you can’t decided when to turn it On or Off. All you can do is exclude certain apps from the Doze feature. If you’re running an older version of Android, anything older than Marshmallow, and would like to use the feature, Doze is a free Android app that does the trick. You do not need to have  a rooted device for the app to work.

Install the app and run it. The app turns On automatically, much like the feature in Marshmallow. It lets you whitelist apps so that they will continue to run in the background when your device enters Doze mode. It is worth mentioning that you should keep the Android System app whitelisted because that’s what the official Marshmallow feature does.

doze doze-whitelist

The app itself will run in the background and turn Doze mode On when your battery is low. The difference between the app, and the feature as implemented in Android Marshmallow is that you can turn it On and Off at your own discretion.

Feature wise, it does what the feature it aims to mimic does but there’s definitely room for improvement. I’m surprised there isn’t a schedule feature here so that a user can automate when the device goes into Doze mode. The schedule feature could allow a user to set a time slot for entering Doze mode, or a battery limit after which the mode should be activated. That said, for anyone looking to get the feature on an older device, or one that hasn’t received the upgrade just yet, Doze is a very clean, well-designed app to do the trick.

Install Doze From The Google Play Store

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