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Hide Your Last Seen & Message Read Status On WhatsApp For Android

Both Viber and WhatsApp are feature-rich apps that provide users of all major smartphone platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry with a single communication channel for their online messaging and VoIP calls. The popularity of these apps is such that at times, other apps are developed in order to tweak how they work, extend their functionality, or to make them work faster or more efficiently. W-Tools is a small app that lets you appear inactive on WhatsApp but still read your messages. What it does is keep the app from updating your ‘last seen’ time as well as the ‘read’ state of your received messages so that those who sent you messages after your last seen time think you haven’t seen them yet. It’s useful when you want to stay alert for an urgent message but not be bothered by small things. The app also has a ‘bomber’ feature that allows you send the same message multiple times to a single contact or a group of contacts.

From the app’s home screen, select the ‘Hide Last seen’ option and choose what kind of connection you’re using i.e. Wi-Fi or Mobile Internet (Edge). Once you’ve made the selection, tap ‘Start Service’. W-Tools will now run in the background, and you can read messages without them knowing you’ve opened the app since your last ‘last seen’ time.

W-Tools W-Tools start

Your recipient, regardless of what device or platform, will see the message as sent but not as having been read (single tick mark instead of a double one). In addition, your last seen time won’t be updated or set to ‘online’ either when you open the app while the W-Tools service is running. To disable it, return to W-Tools and tap ‘Stop Service’.


The bomber (accessible from the app’s home screen) allows you to enter a message, and send it any number of times. Enter you message in the text box that reads ‘Where are you?’ by default and select how many times you want to send it. Tap ‘Send’ and select either a single contact or a group of contacts, and they will be bombed with the same message multiple times. It’s fairly handy if you’re being spammed by someone or have a prankster on your hands, and want to return the favor.

bomb recipient

The app has ads that are a little slow to load, and that interferes slightly with the interface. Make sure the ads have loaded properly before you tap anything.

Download W-Tools For Android


  1. but its disabling my internet connection besides wifi is turned on automatically tough i try to turn it off it gets on everytime

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