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How To Cast & Queue Reddit Posts To Chromecast From Your Android Phone

Reddit has become so big that people are no longer ashamed to admit they visit the site or that they get a majority of their daily news dose from it. People still do not disclose their usernames that easily but there is no shame in using the site. If you use Reddit and are particularly fond of the images and videos shared to it, Cast for Reddit is a free Android app that you might like if you have a Chromecast. The app lets you send any image or video from Reddit to your TV. You can use the app to browse the top content on Reddit and tap anything to send it to the Chromecast.

Install Cast for Reddit on your phone and open the app. It will alert you automatically if it finds a Chromecast on your network. Tap the cast button at the top and select your device. This will only connect the app to your Chromecast. The app’s screen will not be mirrored on your TV. Instead, only the app’s name ‘Cast for Reddit’ will appear.

Cast for Reddit Cast for Reddit-device

To send a post to your TV, tap it. An image is sent automatically the second you tap it. The videos can be sent to play directly on your TV, or you can add them to a queue so that they play one after the other. The links can’t be cast. Any time you tap a link, it will open in the app but it isn’t going to appear on your TV. The same holds true for all text based posts. Imgur links that aren’t direct links to an image likewise are not cast and simply open in the app.

Cast for Reddit-queue Cast for Reddit-video

Cast for Reddit has tabs at the bottom for subreddits that will likely feature image or video posts. You can’t sign in to your Reddit account in Cast for Reddit. When you cast an image or video, the number of votes doesn’t appear on your TV.

The app is still a work in progress so expect new features and improvements. While the concept is nice, it is basically another casting app. What would make it stand out more, and possibly get more people excited about using it, is if the UI it presents on the Chromecast would be similar to that of Reddit. Users might appreciate being able to see how many votes a post had, or what title an image or video was posted with.

Install Cast for Reddit From The Google Play Store

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