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Movie Twist For Android Recommends Movies By Mood, Tags, Genre & More

Who doesn’t love watching movies and adding new titles to their personal movie collection? However, the problem lies in the lack of quality and reliable sources to get useful and accurate movie suggestions from. Everyone has their own personal tastes and preferences, which could vary considerably from yours. Therefore, relying solely on the word of your friends or anonymous IMDB commenters regarding ‘good’ movie recommendations might not always prove to be too useful. How about a mobile app that helps you get near-perfect suggestions regarding the movies based on your mood, choice and liking? This is what Movie Twist brings to the table. Fresh to Google Play Store, Movie Twist is a free Android app supporting a well-crafted online movies exploration platform that lets you discover and bookmark some of the best film titles in a number of ways. Furthermore, each movie title suggested by the app is supplemented with relevant IMDB rating, star cast, YouTube trailers, tags, brief description and a slew of assisting tools to find more relevant matches.

Movie-Twist-Android-Main1 Movie-Twist-Android-Main2

The app sports a polished UI aided by an interactive sidebar that helps you navigate to the various exploration modes. You can begin by feeding in a specific movie title or keyword within the app’s search box to get relevant matches, or tap a suggested title at the bottom to view a handful of titles based on more or less the same concept. Once you stumble upon an item of interest, you can view its plot, relevant tags and other details. Using the ‘Hide It’ option, you can prevent a specific title from persistently showing within the search results.

Movie-Twist-Android-Explore Movie-Twist-Android-Concepts

The app’s Explore section presents you with several common movie genres and parameters – love, fun, violence, suspense, pace, profanity (of course), drugs, year & runtime etc. – that you can manually adjust to get relevant suggestions. Likewise, you have the option to narrow down search results even further by providing your favorite actor’s name or filtering the list by the movies’ respective IMBD ratings. Want to search for all the recently released 90 minutes comedy movies featuring Jim Carrey? You got it!

Movie-Twist-Android-Recommendations Movie-Twist-Android-Title

The Movie Concepts section of the app makes title discovery even easier by providing you with the option to search for movies by mood, category or tags. Once you’ve used the app for a considerable amount of time, you may resort to its Auto Recommendation feature to look for movies based on the previous searches you’ve conducted, and the items you’ve added to the app’s favorites list.

All in all, we were impressed by the app’s relatively fresh take on movie recommendations. There are plenty of ways to land on interesting titles matching your taste and once the app has learns about your preferences sufficiently, the experience gets even better! The only thing we felt missing from the package is a nice little home screen widget and full tablet-optimization. Other than that, we highly recommend the app to all you movie buffs out there.

Movie Twist requires Android 2.3 Gingerbread or higher to run, and can be downloaded from Google Play Store via the link provided below.

Download Movie Twist For Android

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