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Identify Songs With SoundHound, Shazam & More From Android Lock Screen

No mobile platform beats Android when it comes to customization; you can tweak every single bit of the operating system – from replacing the home screen interface or the look of your lock screen to flashing entirely different ROM, it gives users complete flexibility and control over their devices. In the 4.2 Jelly Bean update back in November last year, Google unleashed another great feature by allowing users to customize the lock screen of their Android device with various widgets. This feature further extended Androids customization abilities and apps like DashClock quickly emerged in the Google Play Store to take it to the next level. In case you don’t already know about DashClock, it’s an awesome alternative to Android’s stock clock widget, but that’s not all; it allows adding several extensions to it for all sorts of other information like weather, Feedly, calendar, Gmail and more. Today, we’ve got an amazing DashClock extension for you called Sound Search for DashClock  that brings Google’s ‘What’s this song?’ feature to the lock screen, with support for several other popular sound identification services as well.

Even though you can already add Google sound search widget to the lock screen without requiring any additional third-party apps, Sound Search for DashClock allows you to specify the song detection service of your choice to use with it, and currently supports Google Sound Search, SoundHound, Shazam, TrackID and MusiXmatch. It should be noted that you will need to have the required app for the service that you want to use already installed on your device; otherwise, Sound Search for DashClock will use the default Google Sound Search to detect the song.

Sound Search for DashClock Sound Search for DashClock

Using Sound Search for DashClock is dead simple. First of all, download DashClock, followed by this extension and your favorite song detection app (if you want to use that) from Google Play Store. Now head to the lock screen and add the DashClock widget to it. You’d see that DashClock allows adding additional extensions along with the clock, which obviously is the main purpose of this app. Tap Add Extension and then choose Sound Search widget from the available choices. Now tap the Settings button next to Sound Search widget and choose the provider that you want to use. As stated earlier, you can choose among SoundHound, Shazam,TrackID and MusiXmatch. Now go back to the lock screen and you will see the ‘What’s this song?’ extension next to DashClock. Tapping it automatically opens up your selected music detection app.

In a nutshell, it’s quite a useful extension for quickly detecting music through your favorite sound search app without unlocking your phone and opening the app first. Sound Search for DashClock is available at Google Play Store for free and you can download it via the download link below.

Download Sound Search for DashClock For Android

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