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Nathan Navidzadeh

Managing Editor
Education McGill University – Master of Science
Expertise Tech research, reviews and troubleshooting, Cybersecurity, VPN Services, Generative AI, Digital Transformation, IoT, Biotech, Video Games

• 9+ years of experience developing content for digital media, products, print, email, press releases, and social media, across tech, science, and education.
• Has interviewed countless subject matter experts across dozens of industries to understand and simplify complex concepts for various audiences.


Nathan has his Master’s Degree in Science from McGill University where he specialised in Developmental Biology then immediately entered the private sector as a Science Writer joining a biotech start-up. He is also certified in web development with front-end skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

How Nathan contributes to Addictivetips

Nathan Navidzadeh is a resourceful copywriter that honed his editorial skillset over the years through researching, writing about, and reviewing numerous products, developing media-rich industry 101 type courses for professionals (e.g., Deloitte, other consulting firms), and music and sports journalism where he’s interviewed artists and Olympic athletes.

At AddictiveTips, Nathan reviews and edits the work of our tech tip specialists, ensuring accurate and useful information is available to our readers. He also engages with experts across industries to draw insights for our in-depth AddictiveTips pieces like the impact of generative AI on the music industry with attorney and partner at WilmerHale, Louis Tompros, or his interview with the global Vice President for Cybersecurity at Trend Micro, Greg Young.