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Best Drawing Tablets of 2024

Don’t let all the options overwhelm you! Yes, there are tons and tons of drawing tablets, and so many “best drawing tablets” lists. How do you know which drawing tablets are the best? We’ve cut through the noise and selected four that we think you’ll appreciate picking from.

Quick Summary: 4 Best Drawing Tablets

    1. Wacom Cintiq 22 (jump to review)
  1. Apple iPad Pro (11 inch, 2022) (jump to review)
  2. HUION Kamvas Pro 24 4K (jump to review)
  3. XPPen Artist 22 (jump to review)

How We Found the Best Drawing Tablets

The best way to gauge whether anything is worth buying, short of spending the money yourself, is to soak up the experiences of previous buyers. So, that’s exactly what we’ve done: collated reviews and experiences from countless buyers to pick out all the best graphic tablets. 

We made sure to include feedback from both professional artists and your everyday digital artist enthusiasts, so everybody’s covered, whether you want something super professional or a multi-use drawing tablet that you can use for other things.

So, put away your purse or wallet for now, sit black, and read through these pros and cons of the top-of-the-line tablets for a variety of situations:

The Best Drawing Tablets of 2024

This list of the best drawing tablets has been ranked using our own formula that takes into consideration price, real user reviews, and features.

Wacom Cintiq 22

Wacom Cintiq 22 drawing tablet

  • Active drawing area: 18.7 x 10.5 in
  • Levels of pressure sensitivity: 8,192
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080

If you’re just getting into the world of drawing tablets, there’s a really good chance you’ve heard of this super popular brand. Wacom tablets are near the top of essentially every “best drawing tablets” list, and for good reason.

The Wacom Cintiq is part of the company’s more affordable offerings. We like this drawing tablet because it has a huge surface area that’s great for pretty much any project, and the pen+screen combo makes for incredible precision. Additionally, reviewers rave about other quality features like its solid build and stand, virtually lag-less refresh rate, and ability to remain cool even after several hours of use.

Of course, there are some cons to mention. There are no express keys and no USB ports, it might be too big for your workspace (measure your desk first!), and color accuracy might be a concern for some people.

This tablet can be purchased alone, or you can order it with the glove or remote.

Apple iPad Pro (11 inch, 2022)

iPad Pro 11 inch, 2022 version

  • Active drawing area: 18.46 x 11.04 in
  • Resolution: 2732 x 2048

The 6th-generation Apple iPad Pro is way more than a drawing tablet, and that’s precisely why we’ve listed it here. It surely needs no introduction, but in case you’ve been living under a rock since 2010 when the first iPad was released, here’s the rundown…

You can install apps, browse the web, watch videos, make calls, send texts, navigate, shop, and more. So where does its drawing tablet capabilities come in? Well, this iPad doesn’t actually come with a pen, but Apple does make the aptly named Apple Pencil, with “pixel-perfect precision, tilt and pressure sensitivity, and imperceptible lag.” It pairs with your iPad magnetically — you can buy it on Amazon for about $100.

With the Apple Pencil, you can change up the thickness and opacity of your strokes, much like you can with a real brush/pencil by swapping it out for various sizes.

If you’re worried that you might not really be interested in a drawing tablet, we highly recommend going with the iPad Pro so you can always fall back on its multitude of other useful functions. Who knows, maybe you’ll pick up digital drawing as a hobby again in the future. You can’t go wrong with this tablet, but it’s probably a bit too much if you just interested in drawing tablets.

HUION Kamvas Pro 24 4K

huion kamvas pro 24 4k drawing tablet

  • Active drawing area: 23.8 in
  • Levels of pressure sensitivity: 8,192
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080

This drawing tablet will get you pro-level picture quality, precise color expression, and compatibility with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android (it supports USB3.1 and DP1.2). It’s compatible with popular digital art software like Photoshop, Blender, Illustrator, Krita, and GIMP.

This pen display tablet comes with a battery-free stylus, wireless express key, pen holder, and an adapter so you can use it with USB or HDMI.

Compared to other Kamvas models, the Pro 24 4K is the largest, it’s the only one with a felt nib, and its resolution far exceeds others like the Pro 12, Kamvas 13, and others. This is the model you want.

Some good things we’ve heard about this tablet is that it has anti-glare technology and a bright display, and it lets you select between SDR and HDR mode.

Here are some cons we’ve seen from other users: the legs on the stand are too short, making it uncomfortable to use for long periods of time; the pen has to sometimes be pushed really hard to detect touch; there isn’t an eraser built-in to the pen like there is with other tablets like the Cintiq; and the display is not touch.

XPPen Artist 22

xppen artist 22 drawing tablet

  • Active drawing area: 21.5 in
  • Levels of pressure sensitivity: 8,192
  • Resolution: 1920×1080

This tablet connects over USB to Windows (v7 and later) and macOS (v10.10 and later). We like the adjustable stand that can change the angle to anywhere from 16 degrees to a full 90 degrees, and the stylus (it’s battery-free) that supports up to 60 degrees of tilt.

Keep in mind that this is just a drawing monitor. This means, unlike the iPad Pro, it’s not full of apps and a huge set of other functions. That said, it is compatible with all the popular digital art software as well as remote work and teaching apps, like Microsoft Office and Zoom.

What do users say about this drawing tablet? Unfortunately, there are a few reports of device driver issues that lead to the device disconnecting from the computer. Those cons are quite consistent among the 1-star reviews. 

However, some positive feedback includes the price (it’s one of the cheaper options out there), the fact that it can double as a second monitor, and that it feels very natural to use. When you’re used to drawing on paper, a drawing tablet like this one that has a matte screen protector can help mimic that feeling. Plus, it’s sturdy enough that it might as well feel like you’re writing on a table.

When you order the XPPen Artist 22, you’ll get the screen, PA6 battery-free stylus, welcome guide, and a 12-month warranty.

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