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6 Best Monitor Arm For Improved Productivity (2022 Buying Guide)

Having your monitor fixed at an uncomfortable position that’s too high or too low from your eye level could result in neck and back pain, as well as eye strain. If you often wish you could adjust your monitor to flexible viewing angles, then it’s Monitor Arm o’clock.

The same applies to people with a jumbled, multi-monitor work-from-home workstation looking to free up desk space and manage cable clutter. In addition to their space-saving capabilities, monitor mounts can foster productivity and efficiency.

Best Monitor Arm on the Market

In this post, we list some of the best single and multi-monitor arms, their prices, and their highlight features. There’s also a cursory guide at the bottom section of this guide where we talk about things to look out for when picking up a monitor arm. Do make sure you check it out.

Now let’s get down to business.

1. EleTab Single Monitor Stand

best monitor arm

This monitor arm from EleTab is as simple as single-monitor stands come. It’s an all-black monitor stand that’s sturdily constructed using a combination of steel and aluminum. The gas spring tension of this arm is flexibly designed for fluid rotation and precise swivel movements; you can easily adjust your monitor to whatever orientation (landscape or portrait) you deem comfortable. Additionally, there’s a detachable clip on the arm that helps to hold your cables in place. Talk about efficient cable management.

This arm is VESA compatible and optimized to hold monitors sized between 17-inch to 27-inch with a maximum weight of 14.3 lbs. You can mount this monitor arm to your worktable or desk in two different ways. Using the C-Clamp, you’d require a table with a minimum thickness of 0.4-inch and 3.35-inch maximum. If you’d prefer mounting the arm directly using the Grommet screw, ensure your desk’s thickness is between 0.4 — 3.15-inch thick.

The product is easy to install and ships with the necessary tools (an instruction manual and an Allen wrench) to make the installation even easier. Generally, the construction of this arm feels solid and the price is equally great. If you own a monitor that weighs 14 pounds or less, and you need more workspace on your desk with less cable clutter, then this is a one-stop solution for you.

Price and Availability

Interestingly, this EleTab single monitor arm doesn’t cost an arm and a leg (pun intended). In fact, it’s one of the most affordable monitor arm money can buy you. On Amazon, you can cop a unit of this product for $29.99.

Other Key Features

  • Max Vertical Height: 16.2-inch
  • Tilt Range: 90° to -45°
  • Swivel Range: 180°
  • Screen Rotation: 360°
  • Max load: 14.3 lbs
  • Supported monitor sizes: 17-inch to 27-inch (with 75x75mm or 100x100mm mounting holes)
  • Base style: C-Clamp and Grommet


  • Easy to setup. It also ships with installation kits.
  • Price is really great and affordable.
  • Solid design and flexible gas spring.


  • Depending on your monitor weight, the gas spring tension might require constant (re)adjusting during usage.

2. Ergotron LX Desk Monitor Arm

best gaming monitor

If you need something more stylish and visually appealing for your desk setup, you should pull the trigger on this Ergotron LX monitor arm. It is available in three (3) color variants: Black, White, and Polished aluminum — our favorite. The base sits on your desk via the clamp or grommet mount/screw. The clamp can be installed on desks with a maximum thickness of 2.4-inch (~60 mm) while the grommet mount will fit on desks with thickness ranging from 0.31-inch (8mm) to 2-inches (50mm).

The arm —powered by a unique and patented Constant Force motion technology— is durable and can be extended to a maximum height of 25 inches. Likewise, it supports all movement options a monitor arm should have (swivel, tilt, rotation, etc.) Speaking of support, this Ergotrom monitor arm comfortably holds a single monitor weighing up to 25 pounds.

The cable management mechanism is also great and decently hides cables away. Like other products on this list, you can free up a lot of desk space and eliminate cable mess by routing monitor wires and plugs under the arm.

Installation of the arm to your desk is easy, likewise the mounting of a monitor on the (100 x 100 mm or 75 x 75 mm) VESA hole patterns. This product is built to support large monitors with a maximum display size of 34-inches.

Price and Availability

Honestly, this is one of the best and strongest monitor arms to buy for large screens. The price might be a little over the top (at least when compared to other single-monitor arms) but it isn’t prohibitively expensive. It is stylish, supports 360-degree monitor rotation and arm movement. The reviews are great and it generally provides great value for money. The ErgoTron LX desk monitor arm costs $159 (see offers on Amazon) and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Other Key Features

  • Product Weight: 7.8 lbs (3.6 kg)
  • Tilt Range: 70° backward, 5° forward
  • Swivel Range: 360°
  • Screen Rotation: 360°
  • Max load: 25 lbs (11.3 kg)
  • Supported monitor sizes: up to 34-inch.
  • Clamp type: C-Clamp and Grommet


  • Solid aluminum build and metal joints.
  • Perfect for large-sized monitors.
  • Easy and flexible (Clamp or Grommet) desk installation.


  • Heavy monitor (> 20 Ibs) will reduce vertical motion range to about 4.5-inch.

3. Viozon 2-in-1 Adjustable Dual Arm

best monitor arm

Do you use a standing desk chair? Or does your home or office work setup comprise of varying devices? If so, then this is the right monitor arm to gun for. For a very reasonable price (<$100), you get a mount that can comfortably hold one 17 – 32 inches sized monitor and a laptop mount for notebooks ranging from 10 – 17 inches. The laptop mount can also be improvised as a projector stand or support base for other devices (e.g. game consoles, tablets) in your workstation. Both arms are made of top-quality premium aluminum material, giving it the ability to accommodate a maximum weight of 19.8 lbs (~9kg).

The monitor mount can be adjusted 360º swivel-style and tilted up to 145º, allowing you to install your monitor to the most convenient position. The laptop stand, on the other hand, can be tilted up to 45º and raised up to 16.5-inches. There’s also some sort of side clips and bottom stopper on the laptop tray that help to keep your device in place, no matter the angle or position you place it.

The Viozon monitor arm also has one of the smoothest cable management system. You can neatly stuff and conceal 3 – 4 cables through the bigger monitor pole without creating a mess. You can attach this dual monitor arm to any table, long as the thickness of the edge measures up to 2.36-inch/6cm (for the C-Clamp mount) or 2.76-inch/7cm (for the Grommet hole mount).

Price and Availability

As mentioned earlier, the retail price for this monitor arm is reasonable. The product sells for $87.99 (see offers on Amazon) and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Other Key Features

  • Max Vertical Height: 16.9-inch/43cm (monitor mount), 16.5-inch/42cm (laptop tray).
  • Swivel Range: 360°
  • Screen Rotation: 360°
  • Max load: 19.8lbs.
  • Arm Length: 8.9-inch (monitor mount), 9.8-inch (laptop tray)
  • Supported monitor sizes: 17 – 32-inch (monitor mount), 10 – 17-inch (laptop tray).
  • Base style: C-Clamp and Grommet.


  • Fluid adjustability with wide range of motion.
  • Laptop tray is a plus.
  • Installation is a breezy task.


  • The side clips on the laptop tray might cover some laptop’s ports.

4. VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount

If there’s an accessory you need for your bestrewed work desk with two monitors, it’s this dual monitor mount from VIVO. It boasts of two VESA-compatible bracket plates that can hold two 27-inch screens (or smaller) weighing up to 22 Ibs each. Each arm comes with three flexible joints that which lets you angle each monitor to your viewing preference.

This VIVO monitor arm might have the most basic and mundane design, but it’s sturdily constructed to hold large screens in different orientations (landscape or portrait).

Assembling the parts is easy, fixing the pole to your desk is even easier. Simply tighten the C-clamp base to the edge of a 4-inch thick table, or use the grommet mount (you’d have to drill a hole in the table for this).

There’s a step-by-step instructional manual and other tools in the box to help you through the process. The plates can rotate 360-degrees, make 180-degree swivel movements, and tilt up to a right-angle. On the pole, you’d find a clip that serves cable management purposes. The clip is quite small (considering it’s built for two monitors) but it’s good enough to neatly conceal about 2-4 cables. You might need to purchase some extra clips for efficient cable management.

Generally, however, the VIVO dual-monitor mount has the basic things you need to hold two large-sized monitors in place for a convenient view.

Price and Availability

The price is just as good; this is one of the most affordable dual monitor mounts you’ll find. It is available in white and black color, both of which cost $39.95 (see offers on Amazon).

Other Key Features

  • Max Vertical Height: 17-inch
  • Tilt Range: +80 to -90°
  • Swivel Range: 180°
  • Screen Rotation: 360°
  • Max load: 22 lbs
  • Supported monitor sizes: 13 to 27-inch
  • Base style: C-Clamp and Grommet


  • Dual monitor support.
  • Wide range of motion.
  • Great price.
  • Solid metal construction.


  • The arms leave a slightly wide gap between both monitors.

5. ErGear Dual Monitor Stand

best monitor arm

Needing a dual monitor stand with a stringer construction with the ability to hold bigger displays (better than the Vivo monitor arm above), this Dual Monitor Stand by ErGear is something you should invest in. Be ready to shell out a couple of more dollars, though.

It comes with two Gas Spring-powered arms that sit individually on the base, providing flexible ranges of rotations, swivel, and tilt movement. Positioned vertically, each arm can extend up to 21-inches. On the flip side, when mounted to the edge of your work table, these monitor arms can stretch forward up to 25.6-inches.

Each arm can conveniently hold a 22 — 35-inch monitor with a maximum weight load of 26.5 lbs without wobbling or loosening the joint screws. Speaking of screws, you can fix this stand on a 0.4 — 3.54-inch thick table via the Grommet screw. The dual-side clamp is a much easier and faster alternative, though.

The arms leave no gap whatsoever between two monitors (flat or curved) mounted side-by-side. This is a huge one for people who fancy a ‘perfect’ dual monitor alignment. There’s an integrated cable management system plus two built-in USB ports on the base. These will come in handy for charging your devices and connecting wireless mouse/keyboard dongles.

Price and Availability

The ErGear Dual Monitor Stand sells for $69.97 only (see offers on Amazon). It ships with all the tools and accessories required to assemble everything from the ground up. Conclusively, this is a premium dual-monitor mount that’s worth every cent you spend on it.

Other Key Features

  • Supported monitor sizes: 22 — 35-inch
  • Maximum weight load: 26.5 lbs / arm
  • Up-down Tilt: +85°/-30°
  • Left-right Swivel: ± 90°
  • Screen Rotation: 360°
  • Max Forward Extension: 25.6-inch


  • Support really large-sized monitors.
  • Solidly built for maximum load/weight support.
  • Built-in USB port.


  • Arms sometimes spring back up when tilted to stay down.

6. MOUNTUP Triple Monitor Stand

Time and time again, three-monitor setups have been proven to increase productivity by a huge percentage. Be it for pro-level gaming, video editing, or complex task that require a 3-monitor setup, this desk stand by MOUNTUP will help to consolidate your screen to achieve a clutter-free workspace. Each arm can hold up monitors ranging from 13-inches to 27-inches in size, long as they are VESA compatible with 75x75mm and 100x100mm holes on the rear. The maximum weight load each arm can comfortably carry is rated 17.6 Ibs. So, be sure to examine the weight of your monitors before hooking them up to the stand.

While the center arm can only support vertically adjustment (up to 9.8-inches) and 360º swivel circumrotation, the flanking outer arms can tilt up to 35º, supports 90º swivel movements, and make 180º rotations. The combination of durable steel construction and gas spring tension lets you arrange your devices in whatever tri-monitor configuration that works best for you. The arms also have basic clips to prevent cable clutter but they are not of the best design and quality. They don’t conceal the cables well enough but hey, they get the job done. So it isn’t a dealbreaker.

As with other monitor arms on this list, this MOUNTUP triple-monitor arm can be hooked to a table either using the clamp mount or grommet screw. A desk thickness of 0.3 — 4-inches is recommended for optimum fit.

Price and Availability

At $79.99 (see offers on Amazon), the MOUNTUP Triple-monitor mount is a steal. Everything (read: screws, nuts, washers, manual, etc.) you need to assemble and set up the stand is in the box.

Other Key Features

  • Supported monitor sizes: 13 — 27-inch
  • Maximum weight load: 17.6 lbs / arm
  • Up-down Tilt: 35°
  • Left-right Swivel: ± 90°
  • Screen Rotation: 360°
  • Max Forward Extension: 23.6-inch
  • Base style: C-Clamp and Grommet.


  • Tri-monitor support.
  • Awesome range of motion.
  • Sturdy steel construction.
  • Fantastic price.


  • Subpar cable management clips.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Monitor Arm

Is this is your first time buying a monitor arm? What are some of the features to look out for? What do some of the complex terms mean? Let’s walk you through a checklist of things that’ll help you buy the best monitor that suits your needs.

1. Monitor Quantity

This is one of the most important determinants of the stand/mount you’d buy. Want to get two monitors off your desk to create more workspace? A dual-monitor arm is all you need. Typically, it’s pretty easy to find stand/arms for multi-monitor setup with up to four screens. If you’ve got 5 monitors or more, you might have to construct or order a custom stand that can accommodate all your monitors.

2. Monitor Properties

The weight of your monitor(s) also plays a vital role in selecting a monitor stand. Ensure you know the maximum weight load and screen size that a monitor arm can hold. For monitor stands with multiple arms, check out the maximum weight that each arm is rated to carry and compare it with the weight of your monitors.

Size is another important pre-purchase criterion to examine. If a stand is labeled to support screen sizes between 17 — 25-inch monitor, hanging a 32-inch monitor on it is an overkill. You might damage both the arm and the monitor.

3. VESA Compatibility

You probably have seen VESA thrown around a lot in your search for monitor arms and stands. The term is an acronym that stands for Video Electronics Standards Association. It is used to indicate that a monitor stand supports the standard for mounting flat panel and curved monitors and other displays. This standard, usually measured in millimeters (mm), is the measure of the distance between the four (4) mounting holes on the back of your monitor.

The majority of modern monitors mostly have a 75mm x 75mm mounting distance or 100mm x 100mm. You can find your monitor’s mounting standard on the specifications list or on the manufacturer’s website. Or simply look out for the term VESA on the packaging.

With that in mind, endeavor to always check for VESA compatibility when buying a monitor arm. More specifically, 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm VESA rating.

4. Range of Motion

This is where adjustability and viewing angles come into play. What orientation will your monitor(s) be used in? And how often will you be adjusting them? Generally, as a rule of thumb, it is recommended that a monitor arm supports a wide range of motion: tilt (vertical, up and down angled adjustments), swivel (horizontal side-to-side movements), and circular rotations. These allow for flexible screen adjustments to convenient viewing angles.

5. Desk Properties

The thickness of your desk is just as important as other factors in this section. You should follow the manufacturer’s recommendation as there’s no fixed width or one-size-fit-all thickness for all monitor arms.

6. Add-ons

Lastly, you should also look out for monitor arms with special additions. A laptop tray, for example, is a great addition (see the Viozin 2-in-1 monitor stand in #2 above). Laptop trays on monitor arms can also double as a stand for projectors and other space-consuming devices on your workspace.

Built-in USB ports is another nifty addition you’d find on modern monitor arms. This helps with cable management by allowing users to charge devices and connect wireless devices and peripherals on the fly.


The products in this guide have been carefully selected to cater for a wide range of unique and individual user needs. Generally, they are of top-quality, boast of great reviews, suitable for home & office, and pretty affordable —only one product (the ErgoTron LX Desk Monitor) on this list costs a little above $100. If you’ve got any questions or need further clarification on buying monitor arms, drop a comment below. We’ll be happy to help.

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