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10 Best Online Auction Websites of 2024

10 Best Online Auction Websites of 2023

Online auction websites allow buyers and sellers to connect and make transactions efficiently. Sellers can list items for bidding, while interested buyers can place bids and purchase items they want. The popularity of online auction websites has grown exponentially, with more niche sites catering to specific interests.

What are online auction websites?

Online auction websites provide a platform for sellers to list items and buyers to bid on them. The items are sold to the highest bidder when the auction period ends. Popular auction sites like eBay and Amazon Auctions have millions of active listings at any time.

How do online auction sites make money?

Online auction sites earn profits through listing fees, final value fees, and optional features. Sellers are charged listing fees to create auction listings. When items sell, the sites collect a final value fee based on the total selling price. Sites may also earn commissions on shipping charges. Additional fees are charged for optional features like highlighted listings, relisting unsold items, selling in specialized categories, and more.

Tips for buying using an online auction website

  • Safety: Stick to reputable sites, examine seller ratings, check authentication on high-value items, avoid wire transfers, use secure payment methods, and watch for too-good-to-be-true deals to remain safe.
  • Check for product information: Carefully review all photos, detailed descriptions, certifications of authenticity, and seller communication. Ask questions to ascertain full item condition, provenance, legitimacy, and matches to advertised details.
  • Determine market value: Research completed listings and historical sold prices for similar items to get a sense of true market value. This helps avoid overpaying in the heat of competitive bidding.
  • Auctioneer validity: Ensure auctioneers provide full valid contact info, clear and transparent terms and fees, and responsiveness to questions. Check feedback and complaints.
  • Inspect seller ratings: Closely examine seller ratings, feedback percentage, and recent reviews. Be wary of new sellers or low feedback scores.
  • Confirm delivery: Understand any shipping or local pickup requirements. Ensure you receive items as described and have recourse for issues.
  • Refund policies: Review refund policies and dispute options in case you need to return fraudulent or misrepresented items.

Here are some of the best online auction websites

Pick #1: eBay

eBay Logo

Fees: Insertion fees, final value fees, payment processing fees

Best for: Mainstream and niche products, collectibles, antiques, art


  • Huge selection of over 1.5 billion listings
  • Established site with buyer/seller protections
  • Robust sorting and search filters
  • Specialized categories like motors, fashion, and electronics


  • Counterfeit risk on luxury goods
  • Occasional scams and non-paying bidders
  • High fees compared to some rivals

Summary of website: Founded in 1995, eBay pioneered online auctions and features one of the largest product selections. From new and used consumer goods to rare collectibles, this online auction site connects buyers and sellers globally. Strict seller standards and buyer protection help make transactions secure.

Pick #2: AuctionNinja

AuctionNinja one of the best online auction sites

Fees: Final value fees from 2-4% + $0.30 per order

Best for: Jewelry, art, antiques, collectibles


  • Specializes in jewelry, art, antiques
  • Low final value fees
  • Good seller support and training


  • Smaller user base than large other websites
  • Fewer listings than eBay and Amazon

Summary of website: AuctionNinja focuses on specialty categories like jewelry, art, antiques, and collectibles. Lower fees and good seller support make it ideal for individuals and smaller sellers. The smaller audience means lower prices for niche items.

Pick #3: Bobshop (formerly bidorbuy)

Bobshop Logo

Fees: Listing fees, final value fees, featured listing upgrades

Best for: Broad selection from South Africa


  • Popular general marketplace in South Africa
  • Listings include both auctions and fixed prices
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS


  • Primarily serves the South Africa market
  • Shipping limitations outside South Africa
  • Smaller selection than other global online auction websites

Summary of website: As South Africa’s largest online marketplace, bidorbuy features auctions and fixed-price listings. This online auction site offers a broad selection but primarily serves the South African market.

Pick #4: Artnet Auctions

Artnet Auctions logo

Fees: Seller commission from 5-25%

Best for: Fine art – Impressionist, Modern, Post-War, Contemporary


  • Specialized art auction house
  • Detailed provenance and condition reports
  • Certified authenticity


  • High seller fees and commissions 
  • Caters solely to high-end art collectors and investors

Summary of website: Artnet Auctions provides a premier platform to buy and sell high-caliber fine art. Stringent vetting and thorough condition checks ensure authenticity and provenance. The site targets high-end art collectors and investors.

Pick #5: PropertyRoom


Fees: 15% buyer premium on the hammer price

Best for: Government and police property auctions


  • Unique government and agency surplus
  • Seized, recovered, and confiscated goods
  • Available inventory updated frequently


  • Condition of items can be uncertain
  • Local pickup often required after auctions
  • Regulations on certain product types

Summary of website: PropertyRoom.com provides official auctions of property sold by police and government agencies. Buyers can find great deals on seized assets, confiscated goods, surplus inventory, and recovered items. The inventory of this online auction site includes electronics, vehicles, clothing, collectibles, and many unusual finds.

Pick #6: IronPlanet


Fees: Seller commission, buyer fees

Best for: Heavy equipment – construction, transportation, mining, forestry, etc.


  • Massive inventory of heavy machinery and equipment
  • Detailed specs and condition reports
  • Certified appraisers available


  • Caters solely to commercial industry buyers
  • High price tags on heavy equipment
  • Requires warehousing and transportation for purchases

Summary of website: IronPlanet offers weekly auctions for heavy equipment like bulldozers, dump trucks, cranes, farm machinery, and more. Companies can liquidate assets while buyers source equipment for construction, mining, transportation, and other industries.

Pick #7: AuctionZip

AuctionZip logo

Fees: Membership plans from free to $59/mo

Best for: Finding local auctioneers nationwide


  • Directory of 9,000+ auction houses and auctioneers
  • Advanced search filters for auction type, location, date
  • Alerts for favorite keywords and sellers


  • Not a marketplace itself
  • Connects buyers to off-platform auctions
  • No bidding or buying on the site

Summary of website: AuctionZip is a directory of live local auctions across the United States. Buyers can search for upcoming auctions in their area and connect with auction houses. It does not host auctions online but lists live public auctions.

Pick #8: GovDeals


Fees: 7.5% buyer premium + 1% processing fee

Best for: Government and municipal surplus


  • Exclusive government surplus auctions
  • Retired fleet vehicles, equipment, computers, furniture
  • New inventory daily


  • Limited buyer protections
  • Items sold as-is without warranties
  • Must arrange shipping/pickup

Summary of website: GovDeals provides an auction marketplace for government agencies to sell surplus and seized assets. Buyers can find deals on used fleet vehicles, computers, office furniture, heavy machinery, and other public sector goods on this online auction site.

Pick #9: GraysOnline


Fees: Listing fees, success fees, feature upgrades

Best for: Australia/New Zealand market


  • Leading general marketplace in Australia/NZ
  • Cars, real estate, liquor, fashion, collectibles, and more
  • Established platform with good protections


  • Primarily serves Australia/NZ market
  • Higher fees than some competitors
  • Duplicate listings between auctions and fixed price

Summary of website: GraysOnline features over 500,000 live auctions monthly across diverse categories. As the largest online marketplace in Australia and New Zealand, it offers a broad selection but caters primarily to these regions.

Pick #10: StockX

StockX logo

Fees: Processing fees from seller and buyer

Best for: Sneakers, streetwear, collectibles


  • Hot destination for coveted sneakers and apparel
  • New/used condition ratings
  • Legitimacy authentication


  • Very narrow niche of products
  • High seller fees and commissions
  • Potential for counterfeit shoes

Summary of website: StockX has carved out a niche auction marketplace for exclusive sneakers, streetwear, accessories, and collectibles. Authenticators inspect items, while anonymity and rating systems build trust. Targeted solely at enthusiasts of high-end urban style.

This covers details on 10 top online auction websites serving different audiences and interests. Understanding the options allows for matching goods to the best online auction websites.

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