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5 Minecraft Dungeons’ Best Weapons to Slay Monsters Without Hassle

Enter the most dangerous places in the region, slay monsters, collect some cool loot, make it out alive, and do it all over again- Minecraft Dungeons is the ultimate action-packed alternative for Minecraft fans who want to shake things up seriously. But you need the best weapon to be the last man standing.

As the Executive Producer, David Nisshagen said, the team wanted to double down on the action and the adventure, and the excitement of Minecraft. The game is more immersive, graphically pleasing, and has more control and extended gameplay than the Vanilla Minecraft. Despite the excitement, some players quit too soon.

Aside from the uninitiated who have zero hands-on experience of what to expect in a Minecraft world, experienced players also tend to give up on Minecraft Dungeons because they lack the knowledge of its weapon mechanics and gameplay.

The good news is you will no longer be like them because this article will show you five not-so-obvious Minecraft Dungeons’ best weapons and their special attacks. You will only select the best weapons for your loadout and take on a gargoyle of monsters without breaking a sweat.

Ready up!!!


05. Master’s Katana


Master’s Katana is the best weapon to equip with baddies when you’re up close and personal. It can deal critical damage due to its enchantment. Two to three successive swings of the sword will take down enemies with ease. 

04. Winter’s Touch

When long-rage matters, don’t hesitate to equip this battle-hardened and enchanted bow. It is incredibly potent against a horde attack like the swarm of raging baddies creeping around the dungeons. With the bow’s dense fire rate, you can strike down foes from a long range.


Interestingly, a charged shot from this arrow will not only shoot triple-shots, but it will also freeze the enemy on the spot for a few seconds so you can finish them off in style. If you explore the Frosted Fjord and The Lost Settlement, you will find this weapon.

03. Venom Glaive


Depending on the upgrades, Venom Glaive has damage power from 325 to 2415. But even at its base level, it is a highly potent weapon. Being a two-handed weapon ensures that you enjoy balance and control.

Moreso, its Poison Fog enchantment deals additional damage by creating a fog of toxic gas that overwhelms the enemy while granting you immunity. Look out for Venom Glaive in special chests at Desert Temple or Soggy Swamp.

02. Fighter’s Binding


Fighter’s Binding is arguably the best Melee weapon in Minecraft Dungeon. It is incredibly fast and critically potent at closed range. If you successfully deal with four successive blows, you will get a random enchantment that increasingly reduces the enemy’s health. However, it can be pretty inefficient against faster and more powerful enemies or at a long range. 

01. Firebrand


Okay, who’s ready for some Kratos type of action? Then grab one Firebrand. It is a rare ax variant that can only be found in random blacksmith hordes at Creeper Woods or Highblock Halls.

When an ax is as potent as the Firebrand, an enchantment will only be extras. But, guess what, it has two enchantments. This ax produces a rage of flames that burns the enemy for a few seconds. Secondly, it activates a powerful spin that greatly reduces the enemy’s health bar on a third-combo- a typical Kratos move.

Wrapping up

There you have it; five Minecraft Dungeons’ best weapons. Let us know which of these weapons is your favorite in the comment, and up your game with our Minecraft tips and tricks.

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