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6 Cool, Small Things to Build in Minecraft

With the myriad of unprecedentedly stunning designs that have sprung up in the past decade, it’s safe to say the Minecraft community consists of some of the most creative/talented minds in gaming history.

And this is not an adulation if you consider how much time and resources it takes to complete some constructions. If you would like to participate in this aesthetic exhibition of creativity, there are small yet cool construction projects you can take on to test your abilities.

There’s no better feeling than seeing your creative imagination take shape gradually till it becomes a marvel to behold. We’ve highlighted some of the best designs here, with a tutorial video under each to help you get started.


Modern Skyscraper

Coming first on the list is a modern skyscraper in Minecraft. While this isn’t a small construction project in the real sense, it compels you to think outside the box and utilize the suitable types of blocks to make the building stand out. But, hey, you don’t need to go through all that stress of figuring it all out yourself. You can use the following design by Alpine to build yours.

Mountain Base

Ever been to a mountain base? The richness of this haven will intrigue you. It has its own villager trading hall, brewery, sleeping area, crop field, storage house, and others. Surprisingly, building one can be a piece of cake if you follow the tutorial below.

Pyramid of Giza

If you’re a lover of Egyptian history, you’ll love this construction just as I do. Seeing the Great Pyramid of Giza in all its glory in Survival Minecraft and a pixelated form is something I never thought I’d be smitten with. You can start with a small one with the video below.

Underwater Base

An elaborate underwater base with window walls for subsea vistas, and, boy, is it beautiful! If you ever get a launch break, that may be the perfect time to retire into your chair and see what you can attain by building this fantastic underwater construction.


If you’ve ever witnessed a ship in all its magnificence on the horizon, you’d be able to attest to how eye-catching this piece of aquatic is. A YouTuber, IrieGenie, has created the most stellar one you’d ever see, and it evokes some strong Pirates of the Caribbean vibes. You can watch the tutorial below.


The importance of a museum where you can store all for which you’ve ransacked the nooks and cranny of Minecraft cannot be overemphasized. Believe you me, the design in the video below will be a center of attraction if you can replicate it on your Minecraft server. Ensure to Follow the tutorial keenly to attain something similar.

Final Notes

The above are some of the small yet cool things you can construct on Minecraft. Thankfully, there are graphic tutorials for each of them, so you should be up and running in no time. You may want to check other cool things to build in Minecraft here. Good luck with creating your dream world!

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