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FIFA Division Rivals Freezing on PS5? Try these 3 Fixes

There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to qualify for that FUT weekend league you’ve always wanted to compete in due to some disruptions in your gameplay. Given that the whole point of Division Rivals is to qualify for weekend leagues and earn handy FUT rewards, getting optimal gaming conditions to attain that is a no-brainer.

However, if you’re playing on a PS5, you’ll notice occasional freezes when playing Division Rivals, even with a seemingly stable WiFi connection. This problem is usually nonexistent on other game modes, and you’ll be glad to know you’re not the only PS5 user experiencing the same issue.

Thankfully, one of the fixes in this guide should help you resolve it. Read on below to find out!


Where Does Freezing Occur in Division Rivals?

The freezing issue with Division Rivals on PS5 seems to always happen at the point where you select your jersey and advance. The timer freezes from here, with no frame movement onwards.

In most cases, I have to exit and try the same process over again to get past that point eventually. On average, it takes 10 minutes to get into a game finally. And even worse is that some PS5 users, after getting past this stage, eventually experience freezes in-game as well.

Unfortunately, EA hasn’t acknowledged this problem as the previous Patch 8 for PS5 update didn’t address it. PS5 users are therefore left to find a workaround themselves until the next patch. 

Possible Fixes

Thankfully, in the meantime, you can employ the fixes below and see if one of them helps you resolve the freezing Issues with Division Rivals in FUT:

Power-cycle Your PS5

Performing a power cycle may help you resolve this issue as it allows your PS5’s system binaries to reboot fully. To this,

  • Touch the power button on the front of your PlayStation 5 and hold for at least 7 seconds till the point where your system beeps twice
  • Turn the PlayStation back on after 5 minutes of being off
  • Try playing Division Rivals again and see if the problem persists

Ensure Your TV Game Mode is Enabled

If you’re using a TV with a designated game mode, ensure it’s turned on, as having it disabled can result in input lag that’ll eventually lead to game freezes. Enabling game mode can also help in stabilizing your frame rate.

Check Your Connection

The likelihood of this issue stemming from your internet connection is pretty low, given the fact the other game modes run fine with the same reception. Be that as it may, we cannot completely rule out the possibility of connection issues as the EA support team suggests that’s where the issue lies

You can try the following connection tips:

  • Check your router settings and ensure uPnP is enabled
  • Try connecting to a mobile hotspot and see if there’s any difference compared to your router
  • Try disconnecting other devices connected to your router and leave your Playstation as a priority
  • If you’re using Ethernet, consider changing your cables to deliver faster speeds. Cat6 cables will help in this regard as they are specifically made for gaming.

Final Notes

As deliberated earlier, there’s only so much one can do about this issue until EA acknowledges it and pushes an update that addresses it. Hopefully, the fixes above will help you resolve, and you can also try other game modes again to ensure there are no freezes in them.


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