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How do you Play with Friends on Tony Hawk?

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is an immersive skateboarding game with an online multiplayer mode. Since its first release in 1999, the game has been a source of unrivaled entertainment among sports game lovers and real-life boarders- especially those who enjoy air surfing to the tune of Punk rock or Ska music.

However, the actual multiplayer games pair you with random players from across the world. And while they are as interesting and competitive as they come, sometimes you just want to compete against real friends- crack jokes with them and show off some new tricks and combo, or settle a score in H2H. 

We totally get it. And that’s why we created this guide together to teach you three easy methods to enjoy the 3D addictive skateboarding experience with your friends. Let’s go!


Method 1: Set up a new party in multiplayer

The first method I will show you is the online multiplayer with friends. This is different from the actual online multiplayer where you play with random players. In this mode, you have a specific location just for you and your friends only. To start a party, copy these steps:

  • Go to the Multiplayer section
  • Select Quick Playlist
  • Open a party list with the Tab button on PC/Menu on Xbox/ Touchpad in PlayStation. 
  • Scroll over the friend list and invite the friend you wish to play with, and wait for them to accept the invite. 
  • When they accept the invite, select a playlist of your choice and launch the game. 

The downside of playing Tony Hawk multiplayer with friends is that you cannot access competitive modes like Free Skate, Tag, Graffiti, or Horse. If you want to play those, you will have to leave the party and pair with random online players. 

However, you still get to have fun playing the following modes with your friends:

  • Combo Challenge: The player who achieves the target combination score first wins.
  • Score Challenge: The first player to reach the target score wins.
  • Trick Attack: At the end of the time limit, the player who scores the highest points wins.
  • Combo Mambo: At the end of the time limit, the player with the highest combo score wins.

Method 2: Setup a local multiplayer

Your friends who live in the same location as you can team up for a multiplayer game through Tony Hawk’s local multiplayer mode. This way, you can play with the local split-screen on one PC or connect multiple PCs on a LAN connection. 

The advantage of this mode is that your party can have up to eight players- more players, more fun. Once the connection is set, head over to the local multiplayer option and select the game mode you wish to play. The games you can play in the local multiplayer mode are:

  • Horse: You and your friends will compete for the highest combo in a 2 minute round. Each time you fail to exceed your opponent’s previous score, you get a letter. The first player to spell H.O.R.S.E loses. 
  • Free Skate: No objectives required. Skate around a level and practice tricks. You can use this to practice with friends who can review your moves and offer feedback.
  • Tag: At the outset of each round, one player is designated as “It.” The player who has been “It” for the shortest period wins.

Final thought

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater can be enjoyed with friends if you follow the two methods explained in this guide. Look around for more guides and Tony Hawk tips and tricks to up your game. If you want us to cover a topic on Tony Hawk, let us know in the comments.

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