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How to add friends on Animal Crossing: Everything You Need to Know

There are many fun things to do in Animal crossing. You can dig up animal fossils, find money rocks, look for messages in bottles, etc. But, at the end of the day, nothing is more fun than showing off your hard work to friends. That’s one of the reasons Animal crossing is one of the best social simulation games to build a community of friends online. 

And, aside from the fun part, showing your island to friends helps you earn additional Nuke Miles, which you can exchange for items, mystery tour tickets, and other exciting perks. To invite other friends, you have to add them as friends. Here is how:

Animal-Crossing-How-to-add-friendsHow to invite friends on Animal Crossing (within the game)

First off, you should know that there is a difference between “friends” and “best friends” in Animal Crossing. Friends are welcome to visit the island, but only Best Friends will be able to employ tools. Follow the steps below to add friends from within the game:

  • Travel to Dodo’s airlines at the bottom half of your Island
  • Have a chat with Orville at the Airline’s desk
  • In the chat, select “I want visitors”
  • Select to invite players via local play
    • This means you’re selecting from players who are physically near you
  • Click Roger to lock in your selection and agree to the legal agreement. The legal agreement is to certify that you will agree to be respectful to other players 
  • Now it’s time to select whom you want to invite
    • Choosing to invite All my friends means you will open your island to anyone on your friends’ list 
    • Inviting via Dodo code allows you to invite friends that are not on your Nintendo Switch friend list via a unique code 

Once you are done, the friends you invite will now have access to look around your island, and you can also interact with them.

Generally, you have to wait at least a day after creating your island to add friends. That’s because the airport will be closed on the first day. In addition, you must have an active Nintendo Switch online subscription.

Add friends on Animal crossing once they’ve visited you. 

You can add a player to your Nintendo Switch friend list if they have visited your Animal Crossing village at least once. Here is how:

  • Tap ZL in Animal Crossing to open your Nook Phone
  • Open the Best Friends List and choose a name from the list
  • Click Ask To Be Best Friends and wait for them to accept your invitation 

On a side note, you need to be careful of whom you add as a Best Friend. Best Friends in Animal Crossing have unlimited access to your island. They interact with items, cut down trees, or even steal your stuff.

Adding friends via a Nintendo Switch code

You can also add friends on Animal Crossing directly from the Nintendo Switch. This means you are bringing someone from outside the game via their Nintendo Switch code. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Open the Nintendo Switch 
  • Go to your user profile picture
  • Click Add friend
  • Select Search with Friend Code

NB: Friend Code is a 12-digit number prefixed by the letters “SW.” It is assigned to every Nintendo Switch subscriber. The number can be located in your account’s “Profile” tab.

Here’s how to locate your friend code:

  • On your account section, go to the “Friend List” tab 
  • Hit “Add Friend”
  • Select “Search with Friend Code” and input your friend’s Friend Code. Your friend’s username will pop up 
  • Invite them to Animal Crossing once they accept your invitation to connect

Alternatively, you can click on Friend Suggestions to see social media friends if your Nintendo Switch is connected to Facebook. Once you’ve added your friends to your Nintendo Switch Friend List, you can play with them, sharing your in-game Animal Crossing island.

Final Note

Once a friend has played at least one game session on your island, you can make them “Best Friends,” giving them more privileges while visiting. This is recommended only for people you trust, as “Best Friends” can pick what belongs to your island to theirs.

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