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How to do a Bridge in FIFA 22

EA’s current addictive game, FIFA 22, is gameplay that requires basic mastery from its players. The basic skills include passing-forward pass, one-two passes, speeding, overlapping, and underlapping runs. Every player is expected to know how to do those perfectly to be given a chance to compete with other players in the game. 

With FIFA 22 Ultimate Team more focused on passing game styles than other game styles, speed wouldn’t be enough to get past defenders and win games. Adding flairs and skillsets to your gameplay would lift you in level and make it easy for you to score more goals. Mastery of these skill sets will typically increase your chances of easily getting past the opposition players and winning games. 

Many skills are allowed in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. However, each skill has been categorized based on its difficulty. Thereby, FIFA segregates every player based on their skill level. FIFA rated the players from a star skill level to a five-star skill level. It’s just as it is; five-star skill level players will be able to execute almost all skill sets of different difficulties while one-star rated players will execute just the basic skill set.

Talking about the difficulty of skills, the “bridge skill” is a 4-star rated skill. This high-level skill can only be done by highly rated skilled players- 4-stars and 5-stars- who are mostly wingers and forwards.

What is the Bridge Skill?

The Bridge Skill is a 4- star skill in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team whereby the player with the ball nudges the ball using the heel to abruptly change the ball’s direction to get past the defender or goalkeeper. This offensive skill is used primarily by wingers when cutting into the goalkeeper’s box from sides, then abruptly changing the direction of the ball to give the goalkeeper leaving the defender no chance of reaching the ball.fifa-22-skilled-bridge-addictive-tips

This skill move is one of the valuable offensive techniques you can deploy to leave the opposition player sitting on his arse while you charge into the box to send the ball straight into the goal. The skill is done to outwit both the defender and the keeper quickly. The defender guarding you will think you want to use while just changing the direction; this leaves the defender losing his balance and falling over.

How to Do a Bridge in FIFA 22?

Execute this skill only when moving- running or jogging with the ball. 

PS4, PS5: Hold L2 + tap R1 (x2)

Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC: Hold L2 + tap R1 (x2)

4 Handy Tips to Note

  • As mentioned above, the bridge skill is deadly to use in a one-on-one situation with defenders. 
  • To get optimum success with this skill, try it near the box or inside the box, as this skill will provide you a goal-scoring opportunity after execution.
  • It works well when making a shooting path through a tight defense formed by the opposing defenders. 
  • Use quick players to execute for maximum result.

Wrapping Up

Adding these skill sets to your gameplay will increase your chances of scoring more goals without stress. Using only speed and passes to beat the defender is not always going to work. Learn and implement these skills and notice the difference in your gameplay.

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