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How to Find Azalea Trees in Minecraft

Whenever you spot an Azalea tree in Minecraft, one of the first things that come to mind is how beautiful the pixelated tree looks. But it’d interest you to know that Azalea represents more than aesthetics.

There has got to be a Lush Cave nearby whenever you come across an Azalea tree. And the oak tree itself can be helpful for a plethora of things, from creating blocks to lining a path. Conversely, you can find an Azalea tree nearby anytime you find yourself in a Lush Cave.

There are other means to find the oak tree, which you’ll see below.


Where to Find Azalea Trees

One surefire way of finding an Azalea tree is by looking for a temperate Overworked cave biome such as Lush Caves. There’s a higher chance of an Azalea tree spawning on top of the cave.

You’ll find the cave generating at any underground height, with the Azalea trees spawning on any available space at the top. Interestingly, Azalea trees have a root laced with hanging roots and rooted dirt. And the roots can touch down on a Lush Cave, reaching up to 80 blocks.

It’d also interest you to know that Azalea trees are the only plant in Minecraft with subterranean roots due to their rooted dirt and hanging roots.

In addition, since Azalea is basically an oak tree with Azalea leaves, the only way to obtain any logs from it is to find a tool to harvest it with. You can also use your hand.

Speaking of obtainable items from an Azalea tree, the Azalea leaves, and flowering Azalea are two of the most valuable. You can harness them to grow your own Azalea tree, albeit you’ll need to place a bone meal on them to make this possible, which in turn puts rooted dirt in place of where the Azalea was planted.

Another method you can employ to find Azalea trees is to explore the inside of a Lush Cave instead of the top. While there’s a higher chance of the oak tree appearing on the surface of a Lush Cave, you can still see it spawn inside the Lush Cave itself, provided there is enough space.

Lastly, there’s a slight chance of a destroyed or decayed Azalea dropping flowering Azalea or Azalea petals. However, desist from using your shears for it. It destroys their durability, and there’s really no reward for trying.

Final Notes

Although Azalea trees are a great addition to Minecraft, some players would fair better without them, and others feel it’s high time the game received a new Overworld tree. And they’re not wrong for such desires, given that the last Overworld tree was added in Minecraft 1.7 patch, an update from eight years ago.

Meanwhile, new updates change not just where you can find Azalea trees; you’ll also need to ransack lots of places for Axolotl, albeit items such as Packed Ice is now easier to find than ever.

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