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How to Find the FIFA 22 Free Kick Glitch

EA sports upped the realistic gameplay through its series, and FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, the most recent in the series, has topped the charts. The set-piece difficulty experienced on an actual pitch has been manifested in the game. Normally, it’s rare to see gamers scoring many free kick goals.

However, it is noticed that gamers have been scoring many goals from set-piece positions in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. This is made possible through tricks and glitches, which might have consequences. FIFA has seen quite a few graphics glitches, but gameplay glitches are rare to see in the series.


Instances of Glitches in FIFA 22 Free Kick

Many clips of this glitch allowing gamers to score goals from a set piece have been posted on Reddit. For example,

Cbkanh posted a free-kick clip- A 23-yard-out free-kick set up in front of the opponent’s wall. Then the player called a second taker, the third taker. The second kick taker moves the ball to the right of the screen, and the third kick taker moves it a little bit forward and a little more to the right.

Unfortunately for the opponent, despite the ball being set in a new position, he won’t move his immovable and automatically positioned wall. This will make the free-kick pretty easy for the free-kick taker, as there will be ample space left unguarded by the defending team.

On an actual pitch, touching the ball after the referee whistles is considered as taking the free-kick, but the glitch in the game considers this event otherwise.


-Switch the kicker to the second kicker, then the third kicker

-This will change the position of the kick

-Choose the free side and shoot it on green time

Also, another glitch was discovered and posted by Liver-King in the Ultimate Team subreddit. He did a Knuckle Shot full blast until it’s yellow timed or green timed directly to the keeper, and the keeper could not keep it out. He posted a clip composed of numerous free kicks where he did the same thing repeatedly, and it worked out.

Note that this might work more successfully with a player with the power free kick trait. From the clips he posted, it’s obvious he scored the free kicks because the keepers can’t simply handle the ball despite how close it is to them, or even when the kick is made directly to them.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to position the player closer to the ball by clicking the right stick to the right or left before shooting. This gives it a higher chance of success.


  • Knuckle shot blast directly to the keeper on green time or yellow time

How to Achieve a Knuckle Shot

  • Shoot and then press the direction control “up” and “down” on the right joystick on the gamepad. You can press the control immediately after pressing the “shoot” button or even simultaneously.


  • Press the “Shoot” button, then move the player up the pitch (towards the opponent’s goal post), then wait (the player starts going forward). Right before he shoots, press the direction “up” and hold the button for a moment.

Are there consequences?

Although FIFA 22 will soon find a solution to this glitch and prove this article useless by then. However, you can use this trick to your advantage, but approach with caution until then. EA has banned players in the past for taking advantage of glitches in the game.

More glitches might be discovered in the game in the future. It is up to you to choose if you want to take advantage of the glitches or not.

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