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How to get art in Animal Crossing: Get Genuine Art Easily

To get art in Animal Crossing: New Horizon, you must find Redd and buy a piece of art from him. Because Redd visits the Island sparingly and you can only buy one piece of art at a time, it is important to learn where to find him, negotiate a fair price, and eventually donate the piece to the Museum.

Art pieces in Animal Crossing are copies of famous paintings, sculptures, and other pieces of art in real life. As such, they hold immense human and emotional value. 

If you want to create a gallery of amazing art, you will learn where to get art in Animal crossing, how to buy art, and separate the fake from the original. 



Find Redd to Get Art in Animal Crossing

Redd is like a real-life art dealer in Animal Crossing: New Horizon.  

He wasn’t initially a part of the game. Redd was introduced in version 1.2 ACNH update released in April 2020. 

To buy art and start an art gallery in Animal Crossing, you need to buy works of art from Redd. Since he’s known to be a typical globetrotter, finding Redd can be quite a job. Fortunately, we have the right information for you. 

One thing you should know is Redd will visit your Island on specific days to sell your art. You don’t want to miss him. You can buy one piece of art at once, and if you miss Redd’s sales, you will wait two weeks before finding him again. 

So, how do you catch Redd just right on time? Master these three methods to find Redd in Animal Crossing:

First, listen to Isabell, your secretary. Isabelle would often announce Redd’s arrival as part of her morning update. She will describe Redd as a “suspicious” character.

Secondly, check your map. This is because Redd is programmed to appear randomly on your Island; no specific time or location on your Island is designated for his arrival.

So, when Isabelle does not announce his arrival, checking your map to see if his ship appears on the north shore would be a great win.

Lastly, you may find Redd among vendors like himself, like Reif.

So, now that you know how to find Redd in Animal Crossing, it’s time to buy a piece of art from him. Here

How to Buy Art from Redd in Animal Crossing

Once you meet Redd, he will introduce himself. Remember, he’s a salesman. So he wants to get in your good books as swiftly as possible. 

After the introduction, he will sell his first piece of art for 4980 Bells. Since you cannot negotiate here, purchase the art piece from him. 

But I must warn you: Redd is neither your friend nor foe. Most of the art pieces he sells are often fake. So, you cannot trust him. 

But you will learn to spot forges art pieces in a minute. 

Donate Art to the ACNH Museum

After purchasing the art piece from Reid, you are not an art collector.

Next up, donate the art to the Museum.

Redd’s arrival usually implies that other players are probably buying art pieces too. So, to donate yours, the Museum must expand its size.

As such, the Museum will close 24 hours. So you can spend the time doing other important tasks.

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Pro-tip: How to Spot Forged ACNH Arts

We said this before: Redd is neither your friend nor foe. 

So, when you enter his store, it might be tempting to select more than one, given how the arts are usually shiny stuff. But it might be fake and spotting them is like solving a puzzle.

Firstly, you should look up the original version of the specific art. That way, you can compare Redd’s version to a verified original version someone has purchased. But, even at that, it is still a difficult process.

If you’re lucky, you’d easily spot a difference in eye color, clothing changes, hairstyles, or additional body parts. Seeing these changes shows that Redd’s version of the art is fake. 

You do not want to stock your art gallery with fake pieces.

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