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How to Get Ronaldinho in FIFA 22

Getting icons on your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team adds extra to your gameplay. Icons or legends are exceptional and, by far, the strongest players in FIFA 22. They are players who have stopped playing professional games but were outstanding with unique attributes during their active time.

Having a legend in your squad will add vigor to your gameplay on the pitch. Have you ever imagined the classic feeling that comes with playing starting Pele, the legendary striker, Ronaldinho with the Tekkerz, or Maradona with vision and dribbles?

Iconic players are valued because of their unique traits, making their cards expensive and rare. Regardless of how expensive or rare iconic players are, you’d agree with me that as gamers, we are crazy enough to use all our coins to get them into our squad.

This article will take you through how to get one of the most skillful legendary players that have graced the pitch, Ronaldinho Gaucho.


How to Get Icons in FIFA 22

How to Get Ronaldinho in your Squad

The methods below are handy if you would like to get Ronaldinho in your squad in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. 

Open FIFA Player Packs

Buying player packs and opening them is one of the methods you can use to get an icon player. Although, you have to be a super lucky person to get an icon, specifically Ronaldinho, from just opening player packs. The probability of getting Ronaldinho from opening player packs is less than 0.1%, as it is rare but easy.

Bid for Icons

You can buy icons with your coins by bidding for them at the transfer market in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. The highest bidder wins the icon! This is the most feasible way of getting Ronaldinho into your squad. Icon cards are usually expensive. You have lots of coins to spend while shopping for your favourite icon. The price could range from 150,000 coins to a million, depending on what other players are bidding. The player that outbids everyone with a significant margin (greater than 1000 coins) will automatically win the icon.

So find Ronaldinho in the transfer market and start bidding for him to get him into your squad.

Complete Squad Building Challenges

By completing squad-building challenges, you can get icons. FIFA 22 has been updated to set a squad-building challenge for getting an icon. However, there are two forms of SBCs to get Icons:

  • Icons SBCs: these are challenges set up for you to get icons as rewards after completion. Like every other SBCs, they are unrepeatable and available for a short period. Completing these SBCs is not easy and cheap; you have to spend coins to complete some, while some will demand a great deal of your time. Since these SBCs will be there as a whole, you should collect resources and budgets to complete these challenges and get your Icons.
  • Icon Swaps: this is another type of challenge set up by EA for you to get an Icon player. It involves swapping tokens acquired from completing specific objectives for an icon player. This way, you can get enough number of token to swap for your desired icon (Ronaldinho).

However, it has been experienced by different players that are unable to get Ronaldinho from trying the above skills; the only solution FIFA provided for gamers to use icons is the “Soccer Aid.”

Soccer Aid

This is a squad consisting of only icon players. It is a whole different readymade squad from FIFA for people to use while playing the squad challenge. This way, you could set the legendary team to contain Ronaldinho and other outstanding legendary players provided by FIFA. 

Wrapping up

The solutions above are the only means to use icons in your gameplay. Get on this list to get Ronaldinho Gaucho, the legendary skill star in your gameplay.

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