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How to Make a Bell in Minecraft: 3 Go-to Methods to Try

Aside from the fact that they are used to inform villagers of an impending attack, you can also use Minecraft bells to summon villagers. This explains why it is usually at the center of all villages in the game.

However, as simple as it seems, Minecraft bells are among the rarest utility block because they cannot be crafted. Making one for your village is extremely difficult. Luckily for you, this article covers three cool (and not so cool) methods to make a bell for your village in Minecraft.


Method 1: Steal a bell

No jokes. Literally, steal another village’s bell. If you’ve played Minecraft long enough, I’m willing to bet that you’ve stolen/kidnapped villagers to populate your village before. The same method applies to making a bell in Minecraft. And, even though it may not be the most morally correct method, it works.

So, you want to find a village, locate their bell at the center of the village, and then mine it. But stealing a bell has to be a clean job. You need the right tools. Unlike other utility blocks, you cannot bell with your fist; it will break if you do. Therefore, use a pickaxe.

Method 2: Trade with another villager

Most people prefer just to steal a bell rather than trade with a villager. Do you know why? For one, you cannot trade bells with a random villager. The only villager that may trade a bell with you is the weaponsmith.

But even at that, you have to trade several times with the weaponsmith before you can get a bell. The reason is that you need to upgrade the weaponsmith villager to reach the master level. To do that, sell or buy weapon-related items from them.

When the weaponsmith villager reaches a specific master level, they can then sell a bell to you for 36 emeralds.

Lastly, you should note that the chances a weaponsmith will sell bells to you vary according to the edition of Minecraft you own. For example, an apprentice-level armorer has a 33 percent chance of selling bells to you in Bedrock Editions. Conversely, you get a 50 percent chance of trading with them in the Java edition.

Method 3: Loot ruined portals

Ruined portals are naturally-generated nether portals. While you can easily travel the Overworld and the Nether dimension through them, they also come with a bunch of valuable loots. Like I said earlier, bells are rare utilities, and the chances of getting one in the ruined portal are low (around 1.5%). But if you do find one of these portals, you may be lucky to find a bell, so don’t hesitate to loot.

Final thoughts

Stealing, trading, or looting ruined portals for bells is not an easy task. Stealing requires precise pickaxe mastery, and trading needs an upgrade while looting needs luck. But given the benefits of having a bell in your village, the stress involved in acquiring one may be worth it. If you liked this article, read how to spawn villagers in Minecraft to learn how you can populate your villager, trade with villagers and improve your overall gaming experience with interaction.

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