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How to make an empty map in Minecraft

A map is unquestionably one of the most crucial objects to keep in your inventory in Minecraft. Aside from using it for navigation, you can also use the map to display your build. But you must first make a map before you can use it. If you want to know how to construct a map empty map in Minecraft, this guide covers step-by-step instructions and extra tips to help you get it done right the first time.


What do you need to make a map in Minecraft?

You need to materials to craft a map in Minecraft; they are:

  • Crafting table
  • 8 papers 
  • 1 compass

As you already know, a map is laid out on paper while the compass is used to transform the empty map.

Once you have the resources above, you can start crafting your empty Minecraft map.

Making a map in Minecraft

Step 1: Load the crafting table

To make an empty map in Minecraft, you’ll need to use your crafting table. You can find crafting tables in your inventory under the crafting menu. When you load the crafting table, ensure to have a 3×3 grid. This will be your crafting area.

Step 2: Add crafting items into the crafting area

Now that you have a crafting area, you want to fill the area with crafting materials. All the paper in your inventory will be displayed, so click on a piece of paper to place it on the crafting table. The compass should be inserted in the center of the grid while the papers go into the other 8 grids.

Note for Windows 10 users: If you are playing on Windows 10, you need to make 9 papers instead of 8 and place them into all the boxes in the grid. 

Once all the crafting items are in the correct position, you will see the map in the box next to the crafting grid meaning that you have successfully crafted a map in Minecraft. But that’s not all.

Step 3: Add the map to your inventory 

Click on the empty map to add it to your inventory, where you can select it for use. But because this new map is blank, you will need to transform it into an actual map to use it. 

Step 4: Transform the empty map

When the player is holding the map, press “Use item” in the options. Once that is done, the map will fill up with information as you travel across the game. The map will map out the routes as you travel within borders and build things using your location.

With a detailed and functional map in hand, your Minecraft is made a little less complicated, especially when playing in Survival mode. And as you can see, crafting an empty map is straightforward and requires simple resources.

If you do not have a compass, read our guide on crafting a compass in Minecraft. Additionally, we have published other tips and tricks for surviving in Minecraft. You can also request a Minecraft topic you want us to cover in the comment. Happy crafting.

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