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How to Tame Animals in Minecraft

Are you looking for a pet friend on the (sometimes) lonely Minecraft adventure? Maybe you need a partner to take down mobs together or a companion to help you save hundreds of travel hours. If that’s you, taming Minecraft animals is a great start.

This guide will teach you how to make animals obedient to you, follow you around the map, wagging its tail each time to step through the door in Minecraft.

But first, let’s get this out of the way:


Taming an animal is no simple task. But it is achievable.

How do you make a stray cat see you as a friend? Why should a pound dog trust you? 

You need to answer these real-life questions and apply the proper techniques to win over an animal’s trust in Minecraft.

To do that, you must crack the challenge of knowing what the animals like to do. Each animal has a portion of food they would rarely turn down; finding it is a great way to start domesticating the animal.

Another challenge is that some animals are extremely rare and even though they are closely related to other animals, taming them requires a different technique.

So, where to start?

Use the techniques below to tame animals in Minecraft.

How to tame a Cat

You will find a cat in any biome where a village can spawn, and you need either raw cod or raw salmon to tame one. But like their real-life variant, Minecraft cats have quick paws. They may quickly run away when they sight you.

To them, a cat, approach the cat with the raw cod/salmon in your hand and watch it slowly get close to you. When the cat is close enough, start feeding it the salmon/cod until hearts appear above its head, showing that it now trusts you.

How to Tame a Horse

One reason why taming a horse is easy is because you can find it easily in plain biomes. In addition, they also enjoy several types of fruits, including Golden apples, Apples, Wheat, hay bale, carrots, sugar, etc.

To tame a horse, feed it some apples, then mount it. You must try to stay on top of the horse until it stops kicking and a heart appears above its head. If you have trouble taming one, you can read our complete guide to tame a horse in Minecraft.

How to Tame Ocelot

Ocelots are found in jungles only, and they are tough to tame. First off, they are not easy to find as they live in jungle biomes. Like cats, they have a natural taste bud for raw cods and salmon.

To tame an ocelot, approach it with a raw cod or raw salmon and feed it until it starts showing the heart shape above its head. 

How to Tame a Wolf

Minecraft wolves spawn in all types of forests and enjoy bones and meats. When you approach the wolf you wish to tame, feed it some bones and meat until its face changes and the heart sign shows at the top of its head. You will also notice that a colar now appears on its neck.

How to Tame a Parrot

Parrots are also found in Jungles, but you can bring one home to domesticate it. Interestingly, Parrots can also take on the likeness of other mobs.

To tame one, get some with Wheat seeds and right-click on the bird until it starts showing the heart symbol above its head.

The cool thing about taming a parrot is that it will fly and sit on your shoulder when it finally tames.

Wrapping up

Following the correct technique for taming animals in Minecraft will save you time and ensure that you can tame any animal in any biome you land. Provided that you can identify and provide what the animal likes, taming them can be very easy. Don’t forget to read out the complete guide on taming horses in Minecraft, and let us know any topic you’d like us to cover in the comment.

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