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How to Update Among US on PC, Console, Android & iOS

When it comes to online gaming, stability and bug-freeness are the pinnacles of enjoyable gameplay. And as such, developers will frequently push updates to optimize existing mechanics and add new ones. Speaking of updates, it is an integral part of Among Us if you want to keep playing it with friends.

However, Among Us is a cross-platform game, so your method of updating will differ depending on your platform, be it Android, Xbox, PlayStation, Windows, Nintendo, or Switch. This article will guide you on how to update Among Us on each of these platforms. 

Read on below to find out.


How to Update Among Us on Windows PC

You have two options to download Among Us on a Windows PC: download from a third-party website or update directly on Steam. I personally don’t recommend the former unless you have an issue with your Steam account; you’re better off using the steps below:

  • Launch Steam on your PC and click Library in the top-left corner of the screen
  • Navigate through the list of games in your catalog and right-click Among US
  • Next, select Properties
  • If there’s an update, you should see the button. Click on it to begin downloading.

How to Update Among Us on a Console

Updating among us on a console is pretty straightforward. 

On an Xbox,

  • Turn on your Xbox and go to Profile & System on the home screen
  • Next, select Settings and then System
  • Select Updates, and you should see the list of available updates. 
  • Select and begin the download for Among Us if it’s on the list

On PlayStation,

  • On your home screen, hover over the Among US icon
  • Press the options button (The button on the right side of your controller’s touch sensor
  • Select Check for Update.
  • If an update is available, click Go to (Downloads) to begin the update.

On Nintendo Switch,

  • Highlight Among Us on your home screen or in All Software
  • Press the plus or minus button on your controller to open the options
  • Select Software Update from the list of options and then Via the Internet to begin the update.

How to Update Among US on Mobile ( Android & iOS)

Ideally, Among Us should Automatically update unless you’ve turned off the automatic update option on App Store or Playstore. It would be best if you also got a prompt to update inside the game once there is a new version. Either way, you can download the update manually with the following steps:

  • On Android, go to the Playstore and search “Among US” in the search bar
  • You should see an Update button next to the app icon. If there is any, click on it to begin the download
  • On iOS, launch Apple Apps Store
  • Search for “Among Us” and tap its icon in the result
  • You should see an Update button on its information page. Click on it to begin the download

Final Notes

And that’s all you need to know about downloading an update for Among Us. Before attempting the update, ensure you have enough storage on your device and connect to a stable WiFi network to avoid disruptions while updating.

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