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Login Error in FIFA 22 on PS4

Can anything be more annoying than being unable to play games on your PS4 console because of network issues? You’ve restarted the router, rebooted the console, and even tried to connect with another network- nothing seems to work.

If you are experiencing this login error in FIFA 22 on PS4, don’t worry, there is a solution.


What causes Login Error in FIFA 22 on PS4?

You see, there are various FIFA 22 connection problems on PS4. You have a better chance of restoring connectivity when you know the specific error. And contrary to most people’s impression that the problem is from EA’s servers, this is not true. In fact, you will experience FIFA 22 login errors due to poor internet connection or a wrong configuration more often than a server problem. 

But if you’re sure that your network connection is at its best and your configurations are correct, here are three alternative methods to fix a login error in FIFA on PS4.

Check for server updates

The fastest way FIFA often responds to server errors is to release a patch. EA would typically post updates on channels like Twitter. So, if you experience a login error on FIFA, you want to, firstly, check to see if there is an update, download, and install it.

Check and correct date and time settings. 

As you already know, FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) runs online through various servers. These servers authenticate with your timezone to get the best gaming experience. Asa result, incorrect time and date can cause you to be unable to connect with the server.

What’s worse? You can also get banned from FUT because the system thinks you are trying to cheat. FIFA’s servers have particular time frames established on the date of their security certificate. Your connection will be disabled if your console is outside that time frame for security reasons. Most online games work like this.

To correct the time and date, go to Settings and select Date and Time. Check the box that says “Set automatically” so that the console acquires the accurate time from the internet. Lastly, select the timezone most suitable for your location and save the settings. This should resolve the login error.

Connect via cable

While a wireless connection is more common and practical, it is slower and can be inconsistent. The best way to connect your PS4 console is via network cables.

If you’re experiencing a FIFA login error, try connecting your console to the router via an ethernet cable.

But if you do not have an ethernet cable or router, you may want to test your network speed. This way, you will know if your network speed is consistent enough to run FIFA.

EA has an online tool that runs free Internet Service Provider (ISP) speed tests. It will also show how your network speed compares with other players on your server. The ISP speed is rated between 0 and 100, of which a rating between 0 and 64 is considered poor. Therefore, you may experience login errors or even game lags.

If any of these methods worked for you, please share your thoughts in the comment.

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