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Player in Wrong Position FIFA 22 Glitch: Causes and Expectations

Even though FIFA Ultimate Team is the most common mode on FIFA these days, the Career mode is still enjoyed by a large number of FIFA fans. Aside from the fact that you can play Career mode offline, you can also build players you like and develop them to become world champions. The same goes for playing career mode as the manager building a top-class team. 

But over the years, a familiar and very annoying problem has plagued the FIFA career mode. It is dubbed the “player in wrong position” bug or glitch. It is believed that the error is caused by a bug in FIFA. The bug automatically changes the position of players from the default or customized position.


So, no matter the setup you choose, the manager will automatically change player positions. For instance, it can play a midfielder as a defender and a defender as a forward. Imagine you’ve finally mastered how to play Neymar in FIFA 22, but the AI manager plays him as a full-back instead of his original position as a forward.

Judging by the comments on Reddit and the EA sports Forum, this error has been going on for years. But is there a solution? Or shall we say FIFA career mode is broken? Sadly, from our research, there is no solution to this problem yet. Despite that it has been happening for years, FIFA has never made a statement about the problem, and the players still complain about the bug.

What’s even worse is that some people get lucky that the change is still decent enough to complete the game. However, others experience totally unbearable conditions. For instance, one comment on the EA-FIFA forum complained that Wan Bissaka was being played out of position, Koulibaly was moved to Right-back (RB), and Harry Kane played the game as a center-back, Harry Kane?!!!


But what causes this problem in FIFA? 

It is unclear what causes the player in the wrong position glitch in FIFA. For all we know, it is just one of those stubborn bugs. A commenter in the EA/FIFA forum stated that the problem started when FIFA released a path in January 2020. FIFA path is a set of scripts and game codes compressed into a downloadable file. It can be deployed to improve the texture, modes, and levels data in the game, to squash a bug. 

This problem is often reported together with the complaint that the AI manager often requests unrealistic expectations from solo players in Career mode. Imagine you’re playing the likes of Real Madrid; the manager brings you on in the 80th minute and asks you to score a goal to pass the test. Normally, this is almost impossible. But, let’s say you’re actually that good; the fact that some of the players are played out of their position will make it hard for you to perform up to expectations. 

When will FIFA remove the player in the wrong position glitch?

It is unclear if FIFA will address this issue. The fact that they have not made a public statement regarding the problem makes the prospect of a solution seem far-fetched. We are following the forum and public domains closely and will update you as soon as we see changes regarding this problem.  

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