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Underground Farm in Minecraft: All you need to know

If you are new to Minecraft, you may be wondering why you need to grow crops in a game. Here is the thing- Minecraft is a 3D simulation of the real world but in survival mode. A world where you live every day on your account. You get sick, and injured, fight enemies, protect your loot, engage zombies, etc. These are not easy tasks.

But when you build a functioning underground farm, you can always craft the crops for medicines, trade them for items with villagers, and provide a steady supply of food. Without the farm, you risk starvation or in-game death.


You may get lucky to find a farm in one of the Non-player character (NPC) villages, making survival easier. The village farms typically have four rows of crops with a row of water dividing them into twos.

But if you seriously want to nurture your green thumbs, you can decide to modify this NPC farm to suit your needs or build another farm from the ground up. The variety of crops to cultivate is unlimited-but most players grow wheat, potatoes, beets, and carrots.

Building an underground farm in Minecraft

To build an underground farm, you need at least four items. Let’s examine each one.

Dirt Blocks

Dirt blocks build the base soil for an underground farm in Minecraft. As you may already know, crops (excluding sugarcane, cactus, and mushrooms) grow in dirt. Therefore, it is impossible to cultivate any crop in Minecraft without dirt blocks. Luckily, you can never run out of dirt blocks since they make up most of the Minecraft world. 

A Hoe

You need a hoe to create farmland blocks. This involves digging, stirring, and overturning the dirt and grass blocks. Similarly, you also require a hoe for quickly harvesting the crops from their blocks. Depending on your resources, you can craft one with a stick and an iron ingot or cobblestone, stone-tier blocks, etc. 

Water blocks

Underground farms in Minecraft need to be wet, or they will lose their form- looking dirty and dark. That is why you need to build water blocks to provide a constant water supply. A wet underground farm indicates that the crops are healthy.

Light source

Underground farms in Minecraft get access to a lesser amount of light compared to outdoor farms. As such, you have to think of providing a light source as you build your farm. Fortunately, providing a light source is flexible and accessible in Minecraft. For example, essential crops like potatoes and wheat grow progressively under a light level of at least 9. Torches can provide light levels up to 14, and glow stones generate 15- just like sunlight.

Final thought

Minecraft farms are essential to your survival, but building one is easy. Aside from the obvious issue of protecting the farm from players and mobs, you need also to ensure personal precautions. For instance, walking over or trampling on the farm will pop out the seeds- destroying the crop. You do not want to mismanage the farm as your survival depends on it. If you liked this article, read “what to do in Minecraft survival” for more exciting tips to ace your Minecraft experience.

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