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Zombie Minecraft: Behavior, Appearance, and Spawns

Minecraft Zombies are hostile undead mobs you are most likely to encounter in Minecraft. They attack in groups and inflict melee damage. These Zombies have variants with unique characteristics.

The Zombies attack players within their range. Fighting back, these Zombies will call any zombies within a hundred-block radius for help, causing a swarm of zombies to hurdle over to your location. Zombies attack villagers if a village is nearby and attack wandering traders and even iron golems protecting the villages. Also, in the game’s hard mode, Zombies can break through doors to attack.

The regular zombies are found with a light blue shirt and blue pants on their green skin. Zombie Villagers have the same outfit as the villagers except for their green skin color. Husk Zombies are found in the desert with tattered clothes on their grey skin. While drowned zombies are blue-faced with tridents and spawn underwater, Geared zombies spawn with weapons and armor.


Types of Zombie in Minecraft

Behavior and Appearance of Zombies in Minecraft

Regular Zombies

This is the most common type of zombie. You can easily identify them with blue pants and a light blue shirt on their green skin. 


Regular Zombie spawning depends on the biomes. In the Overworld, regular Zombies spawn in groups of 4 except in mushroom fields and deep dark. While in the deserts, there is a chance of about 70%-80% for a regular zombie to spawn as a husk. And if not replaced as a husk in the desert or a drowned zombie in water, they have a 5% chance to spawn as a villager. 

Zombies spawn with an upper value of Knockback Resistance. It has mostly increased by 5%.

Baby Zombies

Baby Zombies are faster and smaller than Regular zombies and can fit through 1×1 holes. They ride cows, chickens, other mobs and other zombies such as villager zombies or even the regular zombies. They can be killed by the players and a tamed wolf only and when killed, they give 12 experience points to the player. 

Baby Zombies can possess tools such as armor, swords and other weapons while also riding another mob.

Baby Zombies can also ride the following animals:


Ocelots and untamed cats

Untamed wolves


Adult chickens (the only jockey that is in use in Java Edition)



Sheep, Horses, Donkeys, Zombie horses (unused jockey variant), Skeleton horses, Mules

Adult zombies-(Adult zombie villagers), Adult husk

Spiders- Cave spiders


The speed of the baby zombies is determined by the jockey mob it rides. All zombie variants can spawn as baby zombies. The occurrence of any zombie variants spawning as a baby zombie is 5%. Baby zombies require a 2-block tall space to spawn despite being shorter than even 1 block space.

Husk Zombies

Husks are dried-out zombies that commonly spawn in desert biomes. They attack like regular zombies but inflict hunger for several seconds and are immune to sunlight burning.

Drowned Zombies

They are zombies that have been underwater for too long. They spawn with a trident to inflict ranged damage by throwing them. They can swim toward the player as well as walk on land. They cannot drown; therefore, no damage is done by drowning them.


Zombies that spawn as drowned lose all their armor, tools, and weapons before turning into drowned zombies.

Geared Zombies

Geared Zombies are Zombies with weapons and armor which may be enchanted. They wear a helmet and armor to become immune to daylight burning.


Zombie villagers become Geared Zombies when they spawn naturally with armor, weapons, or tools. When a zombie spawns wearing multiple armor pieces to form a complete armor, the armor is never mismatched (i.e., all pieces are made of the same material). Zombies cannot naturally spawn with netherite armor.

How to Cure Zombies

There is no way to make a zombie friendly to you in Minecraft. None of the zombies’ variants will ever be friendly to you. However, zombie villagers are the only Minecraft Zombie variants that are curable. You can cure them to regular villagers with a splash potion of weakness and a golden apple.

While you can also trap a zombie in your house, then travel far away from it for it despawns.

Final Thought

If a zombie possesses enchanted armor, weapons, or tools, and you wish to keep these tools without reducing the amount while inflicting damage on the zombies, do the following. You should lead them into the water and keep them from swimming to the top. This drowns them, consequently turning them into a drowned zombie.

To preserve the tools and weapons on zombies without inflicting damage on the tools, drowning them is the only option.

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