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CherryPad Android Tablet Price And Specifications

The tablet race seems to be gathering some real pace lately after the immense success of the Apple iPad, and more and more tablets are becoming increasingly available in the market. Naturally, the main choice of operating system for these is Android, being freely available and open source. That’s why we can now see even see some really cheap stuff making it to the surface when it comes to Android tablets. The latest one amongst these is the $188 CherryPad Android tablet. So does this device really cut it? Is it your dream tablet that’s easy on the wallet too, or does what it deliver simply match its price? Let’s find out.

Cherrypal, manufacturer of CherryPad, deny their product being in any sort of competition against the iPad or having any plans to be termed as an ‘iPad rip-off’, and we can easily see why. The very first thing that would mark it as something no serious touch screen user will consider now, is its resistive screen. With the advent of capacitive touch screens, resistive touch screens have become nearly obsolete, and for good reason. Resistive screens were designed for stylus input use, but modern tablet and smartphone user interface is finger optimized, plus a vast majority of end-users shy away from using a stylus, as we have clearly seen in case of Windows Mobile. Let’s take a look at what else CherryPad has to offer.


Here are the specs of Android based CherryPad for your reference:

  1. Android 2.1 Eclair OS
  2. 7 Inch Resistive 480 x 800 Resistive Touch Screen [Is there a stylus with the package?]
  3. 800 MHz Samsung ARM11 Processor
  4. 3D Acceleration [Really?]
  5. 256 MB RAM
  6. 2 GB Internal Storage
  7. MicroSD Card Slot
  8. Wi-Fi
  9. 3G Modem
  10. USB Port
  11. 3.5mm Headset Jack
  12. Google Apps inclusive Of Market

All in all, the tablet seemingly lacks the “Pad” appeal that other same inched tablets possess but hey, it’s still a fully functional Android tablet for $188 and guess what? Unlike most cheap Chinese Android tablets out there, this one ships with a fully functional Android Market. That, combined with the price tag, might be enough to lure many in.

So what do you think? Will you be willing to endure using a resistive screen on a tablet for this price considering it has all the features of Android along with Google Apps and access to the Market? Already got one of these and want to share your experience with us? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t forget to drop us a comment below.

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